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Campaign finance disclosures: Louie and DeGenova

April 10th, 2009 · 14 Comments

I apologize that it’s taken me so long to put this up, but here, at last, are the campaign finance disclosures that mayoral candidates Raymond Louie and Allan DeGenova filed with Vision Vancouver. (My late-night struggles with blog technology are finally paying off.) They aren’t available at the city clerk’s office because the city clerk wouldn’t accept them, saying that there was no provision for filing these kinds of campaign disclosures at the office.

Vancouver elections, if you’ll recall, have rarely involved mayoral nominations. Usually the parties agree in the backroom who the mayoral candidate will be (Larry Campbell, Jim Green, Philip Owen, Jennifer Clarke of years past) or are sent out as sacrificial lambs to do their duty for the party (David Cadman, Jean Swanson, Carmela Allevato, et al).

The first real mayoral nomination in recent memory was between Sam Sullivan and Christy Clark in 2005. Neither filed disclosures saying how much they had spent, to my knowledge. (And I’m not even sure anyone asked, we were all so agog in the media with the novelty of the race.)

This time, because of the many rumours about how much various parties had spent — Sullivan, Louie, De Genova, and Gregor Robertson — it became much more of an issue. In spite of that, there is no clear city requirement that mayoral candidates, whether winning or losing, have to file accounts of their campaign donations or spending.

In any case, here at least, Raymond Louie’s disclosure here: Raymond

And Allan DeGenova’s disclosure, remarkable for how much information is blacked out, here: de-genova-mayor

P.S. I notice that my tireless conspiracy-theory friends over at city caucus think my posting of these docs is all part of some “backscratching” between me and Vision. Life really is easier if you never make a phone call to check anything, I guess. Anyway, ALL reporters who asked for these docs from Vision got them. I posted them because I have had requests for me to do so — okay, one request, from Kennedy Stewart. I presume others didn’t because they reported on them extensively/couldn’t be bothered/don’t have blogs. I’ve had them since all other financial disclosures were filed (as have EVERY OTHER REPORTER who asked for them) but due to my staggering technical ineptitude, only put them up now.

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  • Brian Hi

    Raymond’s list still eludes us. Why not just post the PDF?

  • fbula

    I can’t seem to. I’ve tried many times and it keeps saying the file is too big, even though I have put up pdfs with bigger files.

    Anyway, if you click on the gview and then download, it should come up. I’ve tried it out several times myself.

  • Gosh.

    Big Al’s Blackout Job is just about the worst I’ve ever seen.

    Heckfire, I can read most of the postal codes under the fuzzy ink when I zoom in a little….

    (if anybody’s interested in who might have ‘crossed-over’)


  • Vision governs, the NPA blogs

    And then there was one….Sammy, still hiding.

    Maybe Pinky and the Brain over at city caucus can enlighten us

  • threeyears

    Can anyone else can d/l Raymond’s doc?

  • fbula

    Okay, I’ve put Raymond’s disclosures up a different way now, thanks to help from Brian. Can you all let me know if you can see it now?

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Frances, I , too, was having trouble viewing it…all good now.

    Yes…and then there was one, Sammy slithers into silence.

  • threeyears

    Sigh. What would the Angry Tsunami be without our dear quad former mayor? Probably a serial commenter on other people’s websites.

  • A. G. Tsakumis


    Hiding behind a psuedonym and lobbing bomlets with all the detonation effect of flat ginger ale.

    Tough guy. Couldn’t locate those bunny slippers fast enough I guess.

  • eleanor

    $245K – A staggering number for Raymond’s campaign. Whoever convinced him to pay a campaign manager $100K for a failed effort is a cruel genius.

    $75K for Al de Genova is within the expected range.

    Too much redaction from Al….too little black ink from Raymond.

    FYI, one is only required to submit addresses for corporations. Hope his individual donors aren’t pissed…

  • Thanks so much for this Frances. Maybe someday we’ll have real municipal campaign disclosure in this province – overseen and published by Elections BC with contribution and spending limits.

  • Kennedy–

    And searchable?

    Oh, please!

    Make them searchable…..


  • Eleanor,

    Less that Raymond paid Neil Monckton a $96,000 salary to run his month’s long campaign to become the Vision Mayoral candidate, and more that Neil hired a bunch of apparatchiks to help him achieve Raymond’s aims.

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