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Two more not-your-usual candidates for Vision

August 16th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Two more candidates are apparently about to jump into the rough waters of civic politics — one of them literally. Freelance journalist Hadani Ditmars is apparently going to launch her candidacy for a Vision Vancouver park board spot tomorrow with an open water swim at Kits at 4 p.m. As well, Thomas Lockhart is also going to make a run for it. Lockhart is the operator of West Coast Tattoo and perhaps most famous, in political circles, for being the person who got school board trustee Sharon Gregson interested in guns. Lockhart, a competitive shooter, gave her a Colt .45 give years ago and she’s since become an outspoken advocate for gun ownership — a position that has made her not the favoured candidate by Vancouver teacher unions, I hear. Gregson is running for a VV school board spot.

Until now, the rush of people to run for Vision Vancouver has been taken as a sign of the young party’s momentum. But if things keep going like this, this political show is going to jump the shark soon.

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  • Wagamuffin

    Oh, goody! The circus is coming to town!

    *clap* *clap* *clap*

  • wayne

    Good on Vision for being inclusive. But if Gregson gets the Vision nod I won’t vote for any VV candidate. Thanks for the heads up Frances.

  • Wayne: How do you think Ms. Gregson’s stance on gun ownership would be reflected in her work on the VSB?

  • Wagamuffin

    Wayne, here just for you, a link to today’s “24 Hrs” newspaper and an article by Sean Holman on “included” candidate Tom “Tats”Lockhart and his pistol packin’ mama.

    Bless you for for being so broad-minded re: guys who like to play with incendiary devices. That is just the kind of working parks board commissioner we need in this town. Think of all the money taxpayers will be able to save in the spring on excavators.