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The Hoggan contracts were just fine + A thank you to Geoff Plant

March 3rd, 2009 · 7 Comments

That was the word from city manager Penny Ballem this afternoon. Although Councillor Suzanne Anton didn’t get a seconder to her motion, which I posted earlier, asking for clarification in how those contracts were awarded, Mayor Gregor did ask the city manager to give an explanation since “questions have been raised.”

Penny’s statement: “It was a contract that followed all of the appropriate procedures. We had legal services review it and they have no issues.” (As I posted previously, I don’t think there were legal issues at all with these contracts. I just think they don’t pass the smell test for various reasons.)

All in all a very quiet meeting this afternoon, as Councillor Anton has apparently decided to try out new strategies in her role as one-woman opposition. Instead of lots of challenges and back-and-forthing, she’s using procedure and gentle irony instead.

In new business, she took a few minutes to say a thanks to Geoff Plant, the former B.C. Liberal attorney-general who worked as the Project Civil City commissioner — a thanks that the current city council didn’t express in any public way. Suzanne listed Plant’s achievements, including a big push on spotlighting the problem of people with both mental health and addictions issues, help in creating the new Streetohome Foundation, stabilization of residential hotels, a “positive ticketing” program where police give kids rewards for good behaviour, and some bylaw reinforcement changes. She then read out a long quote on the need to do things differently and reminded the mayor that it was his quote — and that everything he’d talked about was what Geoff Plant had been working on. “And I’d strongly encourage your worship to continue with the efforts he was making,” she ended.

The mayor, looking a little abashed, added his thanks for Plant’s work.

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  • Colleen


    POSITIVE TICKETING you guys are to much. How about give kids opportunities where they are not running into the fists and boots of over testirone driven police officers which I am also writing out a ticket for them. Get A Brain and stop wasting the publics money and guit being so full of yourself because what your full off is better keep to yourself.

  • Colleen

    I also hear they have POSITIVE TICKETING on the Sky trains where they have 100 officers tracking down people for loose change. But thats another story as P3’s are given its own police force that follows buses all day long looking for the elderly and young no doubt along with the poor and the disabled. And I have another Ticket no Doubt for polluting the planet and harassing passengers and kids and for being such an embarrassment.

  • Colleen

    Oh Did I forget Vancouver is no stranger to P3’s or our mayor for that matter, and transit tickets no doubt. I guess he never got one of those positive ones. Cops with positive tickets needs a whole lot more thought especially when there sure seems to be a whole lot going down thats dosen’t seem to be changing as there rarely goes a day where someone dosen’t end up shot dead either by a cop or by a criminal no doubt. And its gettting more and more confusing which is which.

  • MB

    Colleen, I don’t think your chances of being issued a ticket for positive thinking or constructive criticism are very good.

  • Can’t stop laughing

    Excellent comment MB. I couldn’t of summed it up better. I hope you are awarded a Positive Ticket for bringing laughter to my afternoon.

  • JPW

    Just fine? I must beg to differ. They executed 2 contracts in rapid succession of one another that amounted to $60K and didn’t go to Council to ask for the money. That’s just not right. They didn’t just bend the rules, they broke them. Usually, yes it has been done that you issue an initial contract for the 30K and then another to the same party. However, typically, they are a year or months apart with some clear understanding that there is a “wait and see how it goes” aspect to what the contractor is mandated to do. The key difference here is that it was pretty clear they were going to need an enourmous amount of work done to handle the PR for the Village and instead of going to Council and being upfront about it they tried to break it down and pull a fast one. There was no “wait and see” to the work …It was “full steam ahead”. Except they neglected to ask Council for the okay. When you consider the amount of fuss they made of the previous administrations lack of transparency, this is a pretty serious transgression. I hope the City’s internal audit dep. takes a closer look so at least for the record some proper scrutiny is given.

  • MB

    Can’t wait for the day when they issue positive tickets for smirking in public.