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City Plumber Q&A:

Q. How many times have transit police been obliged to draw their firearms?

Answer: Whoever wants to know this is REALLY anxious to find out, as s/he has sent in this question three times over the past six months. I have not been ignoring it. It took me a while to get around to it and get answers, although I suspect the questioner won’t be satisfied with them. […] [Read more →]

Why do people on Point Grey Road get to have the speed limit lowered and no one else in the city does?

Q. Why was the speed limit on Point Grey Road cut to 30? Who is accountable for the decision? Why does this area get to exclude commuters while East Van areas do not? A. Oh, you tricky thing you, sending this question in just as I was also working on a story about the pitch […] [Read more →]

When did Vancouver become a landowner in North Van and why is it selling what it owns there?

Question: Why does the City of Vancouver own properties in North Vancouver and why are they being sold now? Answer: Someone once printed out a list for me of every land-titles document for property the city owns in Vancouver. It was about three feet high. I finally threw it out after 10 years because I […] [Read more →]

Aren’t Vancouver bus-riders really subsidizing all those empty buses roaming hungrily around Maple Ridge?

Question: There are rumours  that empty buses drive around Maple Ridge and are being heavily subsidized by those users within the City of Vancouver and other urban areas.  Is this true?  If buses on busy routes make money, why not put more buses on to generate revenue?  How much money does a full bus make/lose […] [Read more →]

Why does West Van operate its own bus system? And did the NDP ever force them to paint their buses orange?

Question: Why does West Vancouver still operate its own bus system? Is the “Blue Bus” moniker a reason why, through various administrations, the entire fleet has featured blue as part of its “look”? Does anyone remember back when the NDP was first in power they changed the bus colours to NDP orange? Did West Van’s […] [Read more →]

Some Vancouver bike lanes are green, some are not. What gives?

Question: Why aren’t all bike lanes in the city painted green? Answer: Money. Money,money, money. That’s what transportation engineer Jerry Dobrovolny told me last week, when I nabbed him just before the viaducts report. I had thought perhaps they were limiting the green because of some other reason. I noticed a couple of times when […] [Read more →]

Is there a fair deal for poor people to get access to leisure passes at Vancouver community centres?

Question: Why was there an increase in the amount people on welfare pay for community centre gym memberships in Vancouver? They used to get free passes with a Leisure Access card and now it’s $24 a month. Answer: Well, I’m told, there was no such increase, unless you’re talking about some period a long, long […] [Read more →]

Parking permits sold for too little?

Question: Why are residential parking permits so cheap? $38 – $76 / year depending on the neighbourhood. Most dedicated parking spots cost at least $100/month. Answer: This echoes a similar question I had a few months ago. You are not the only ones to have noticed this. So have those sharp-eyed gals and guys in […] [Read more →]

Vancouver police not enforcing speed limits?

Question: Why has the VPD deemphasized speeding enforcement? Answer: What is your evidence that they have? Reduced number of tickets per 1,000 vehicles, compared to the past 10 years? Reduced number of officers assigned? I need some facts on this before I start trying to get answers. [Read more →]

Can strata townhouses be converted to rowhouses?

Question:  I live in a 6 unit strata townhouse project in Victoria.   I would be interested in learning more about the rules respecting townhouses that are not strata and whether we could convert our strata to a non strata (freehold?) row of townhouses. – Elizabeth Answer: This question came in after the feature story […] [Read more →]

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