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What is happening with the new NPA park board?

Q. Dear Swami:  If (apparently) long term memory serves me well, NPA and Greens swept the Vancouver Parks Board with a commitment to restore some sense of civility in working with community centre societies.   In brief, tossing out the Vision/Ballem approach of my way or the highway.  What’s with the return to the shooting gallery in the Vancouver Courier?  Have the Greens and NPA fled before the wrath of the City Manager?

A. I have no idea what this question means, to tell you the truth. I’m posting it because it’s worded in an entertaining way, but I find myself incapable of providing an answer.

Clearly something is going on. Someone was expecting the new NPA-controlled park board to do something or other, but not clear what. Do any of you get this? Or have any answers?