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Who will win the court case: VPB or CCA?

Answer: Even knowing what this question means is a test of whether you’re a true Vancouverite? What the questioner is referring to is the lawsuit that six community-centre associations have started against the Vancouver Park Board to force them to stop the implementation of the OnePass card at all centres, which was supposed to start everywhere as of yesterday.

This is part of the on-going dispute between the board and these associations over a whole range of issues that boil down to 1. Who gets the money? 2. Who controls things? at community centres. I have a story with the latest update over on the main part of the blog (and the Globe) as of tonight, Sept. 2.

But, as for my opinion on who will win? All I can say is, people with sharper legal minds than mine and more intimate knowledge of the terms of the joint operating agreement between the board and the centres say … it could go either way.

So we’re all waiting for the answer tomorrow, when the hearing for the injunction to stop immediate implementation of OnePass takes place.