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Why can’t everyone at the Olympic village use the Gold Medal fitness centre? Like the people in the rental and co-op buildings?

Q. Can you tell me if you have any further information on the Gold Medal Club in the Olympic Village? The city rental buildings (2) and the Coop (1) are not allowed access to that fitness centre. With strata fees going up 30% in some buildings, you’d think the city of Vancouver would be eager to allow these 3 building to contribute and be part of the community we are helping to build.

A. Okay, I’m not even going to make a pretence of doing any research on this. I’m just going to suggest that, based on my knowledge of the way the world works, it would be highly unusual to sell people condos and charge them a premium price that they’re told includes use of an exclusive club and then throw the doors open to everyone living in the buildings around.

I’m not quite sure why you think the rental and co-op buildings should have access to this. Perhaps you could clarify. (Is it because the city bought out the health-club contract so you think that, damn, it’s my tax dollars and I want in? But on that basis, the whole city should be invited to use the facilities.)

And, if it comes to community-building, don’t you all down there have a gorgeous $30-million, somewhat underused community centre that you could all come together in.

Am I missing something? Or was this a parody question? Or what? Olympic village aficionadoes, please weigh in.