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A look at the most powerful woman at city hall

September 15th, 2008 · 6 Comments

My column in Vancouver Magazine this month takes a close look at city manager Judy Rogers, the woman whom Larry Campbell describes as someone who could “rip your heart out.” Yes, she’s scary. She also knows absolutely everything there is to know at city hall, which makes her a formidable person to deal with for newbie councils burning to make their mark on the world. But she can enjoy a good joke, even about herself, which is why she burst out laughing when I told her about Jack Poole’s phrase for her: One tough broad.

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  • Judy may think its her place to make policy but she’s wrong.

  • ptak604

    This article is frankly disturbing. The city staff should set policy? Why have a citizenry that votes then? After all, it’s so messy, and it might not make the right decision.

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  • Wagamuffin

    Too much power in one person’s hands. And virtually no oversight on her?? Ridiculous!

  • TM

    Ooooo, the cat is finally out of the bag! This should prove interesting….

  • A Dave

    Judy Rogers is clearly not as bright (or as ethical) as she thinks she is if she was the one responsible for the untendered hirings of Geoff Plant and Ken Dobell. These two guys’ inflated salaries were a waste of taxpayers’ money and Dobell was in a serious conflict of interest. The two pet projects they worked on, Civil City and the Cultural Precinct, are almost universally derided. Furthermore, under Rogers’ watch, homelessness has skyrocketed, proving that she is either ineffectual at solving key issues, or just doesn’t give a damn. When even Rich Coleman is frustrated with the city’s inability to act on homelessness, you clearly have to lay a big chunk of the blame for this inaction at the feet of Judy Rogers.

    I guess the beauty of wielding all this power while at the same time being out of the public eye and unaccountable means she doesn’t have to take the heat for the misguided policies she initiates. Here’s hoping that the new city council and mayor, whoever they are, decide enough is enough and axe this woman before Vancouver becomes completely inhospitable to anyone earning less than a three figure salary.