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A portrait of Fortress, the hedge fund of the 2010 Olympics

March 27th, 2009 · 1 Comment

This month’s Vanity Fair takes a look at the guys who run hedge funds, with those at Fortress featured in this story. As you’ll recall, Fortress is no longer involved in the Olympic village, after having agreed to have their $750-million loan bought out by the city.

But the fund still owns the Whistler ski resort, so they remain an interesting company to watch as the Olympics approach.

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  • Mike

    Fortress owns Whistler/Blackcomb.
    They bought it from Intrawest in 2006.

    the scuttlebut around the Whistler/Blackcomb employees is that they are milking the resort dry – the could care less about the community or the tradition. It’s all about money.

    Is it coincidence that two lifts have malfunctioned spectacularly this year?