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Aha. The new city clerk is, in fact, the former acting city clerk

January 19th, 2010 · 7 Comments

A few months ago, the city announced it was posting for someone to head the city clerk’s department. I expressed some surprise that Marg Coulson, who’s been the acting head since Syd Baxter went off to retirement as a consultant, wasn’t just automatically being named. At the time, a few people told me, “Oh no, Marg isn’t interested.”

Apparently she is, since she entered the race and has finished first. A nice surprise for those of us who of us who have relied on her quiet help over the years.

From: COV Broadcast Server
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 6:54 PM
To: All Staff (COV) – DL
Subject: COV Broadcast: Appointment of City Clerk

I am delighted to announce that today, Council confirmed the appointment
of Marg Coulson as the City Clerk and Chief Election Officer for

Marg is the successful candidate of our recruitment process which has
been underway for the past few months. Marg has a long career with the
City and has held a number of key positions including Deputy City Clerk,
Coordinator of Corporate Business Improvement Projects, and the
Purchasing Office Manager.  For the past 21 months, Marg has served as
the Acting City Clerk.

I want to thank Marg for her support to me and to the Mayor and Council
over the past year. I look forward to Marg’s leadership as the Clerk’s
Office implements a number of strategies to enhance our service to
Council, and to our citizens and stakeholders.

Congratulations Marg.

Penny Ballem
City Manager

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  • Another example of Vision driving away key staff. This administration is… sorry, what’s that? She’s staying on? She wants the job and isn’t leaving due to partisan political interference? That just doesn’t jibe with what we all know about City Hall, right guys?

    Where are CityCaucus when you need them, putting an anti-Vision/Gregor spin on this sensational piece of news?

  • Glissando Remmy

    The Thought of the Day

    “Every time when someone at the City of Vancouver is hired on merit, an Angel gets his wings. Ding! It’s been a while, but there’s the first one!”

    Oh boy, this whole City Clerk hiring exhibition reminded me of a great scene, from a great movie, with one of the best actors that ever lived.
    Alberto Sordi playing a Signore Bertoni, a TV Host wannabe, in Il Dentone (Italian slang for Big Teeth). The Hiring Commission is trying hard to find even the smallest flaw during the examination but they fail. It’s funny because it’s obvious that they did not want “Il Dentone” due to his lack of telegenic appeal. So they said. Useless to say he was… hired!

    Which brings me to the fair conclusion that all this Human Resources ballet (I wonder how much a FOI would disclose; monies spent…) under the direct superVision of the City Manager was done simply for Brenton’s benefit, so he could come up with one of the lamest remarks I’ve read for some time.
    Bravo Marg!

    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

  • “We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy”

    I want a t-shirt with this slogan!

    How about it G.R.?

    You can donate the proceeds to your favourite charity.

  • Bill Smolick

    Love Marg Coulson.

    She’s great.

  • Higgins

    The best news I’ve got THIS year.
    Way to go Marg!
    The clip with Alberto Sordi was hilarious. Thanks Glissando! I didn’t have to speak Italian to get what they were saying, ha, ha…
    Chris, I like those final words in Glissando’s posts too. How does this work though? You cannot put someone else words on a t-shirt and then ask them to donate the proceeds to charity!? As a writer you should know that.
    I am curious what GR has to say about this.
    Ta ta everyone.

  • I’m totally not suggesting I would do that. If G.R. wants to do it I think that would be great. If he/she wants to take the money and run I’m cool with that too. Donating the money was just a suggestion.

    I linked to threadless because it’s a website that allows you to submit t-shirt grafx and then people can buy them. The creator gets the $$$.

    I don’t know the legal ramifications of plagiarizing an anonymous Internet post, but I bet it would make for an interesting court case.

  • Glissando Remmy

    I’ll try my best to get you my “Good Night and Good Bye” words on a t-shirt. Thanks for suggesting it.