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Another half hour

September 21st, 2008 · 7 Comments

In spite of all the rumours and buzz going around, Ron Stipp claims that the counters are still counting all the regular ballots only. The dance floor isn’t as crowded as it was 20 minutes ago. I think some people are running out of energy. Maybe that should be the deciding factor — send all the candidates out on the floor and see who’s left standing at the end. At the moment, the winners are many young volunteers, Joel Solomon, and Hadani Ditmars, dancing to Jimmy Cliff. Others are starting to whine about being hungry, tired and frazzled.

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  • Scott Urquhart

    I’m up in Vernon attending a wedding and trying not to check in too often for results. You people are killing me. Cough up the results already. Do I have to come back to count the ballots myself?

  • TIPPING POINT? When there are more people tuned in to Frances’ blog than there are left here at the Vision party, methinks we can go home.

    PRIVATE TABLE? And, Frances, why are you sitting over there all by yourself? Do you know something Irwin and I don’t?

  • what time was this posted?

  • More than 4 hours to count 4000 ballots from a party with 16,000 potential vote counters?

    It sounds to me like someone or some people who were supposed to win, didn’t, and are creating headaches.

    Also a good way to keep things out of the newspapers tomorrow so that there can be a recount. Assuming they even decide to release the results tonight.

    True colours are starting to show.

  • Wagamuffin

    We could start an online poker game with all of Fabula’s correspondents…

  • Best dancers of the night?…..Barnes and Herbert, hands down……

    (the non-agression pact fully realized!)


  • Sorry, Stevevbc, but that’s a bunch of tosh. Counting and checking eight names on each ballot after first making sure that every ballot was valid isn’t a walk in the park.