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Art gallery goes on major advertising push

May 8th, 2010 · 6 Comments

Some days, the advertisements in your daily newspaper are just as fascinating as the stories. Today was one of those days. The Review section was a ringer with a ginormous double-page ad (not sure how much it costs, but believe it might be more than I earn in a year) advertising: A Vancouver masterpiece: A new home for the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Accompanying it, a long essay on why the gallery should move: ” While our current courthouse building on Robson Square has been a wonderful home for the past 27 years … After a thorough planning process … Our aim is to design and build a landmark art museum for all of British Columbia …” and so on.

Accompanying it are supporting statements by artists Jeff Wall, Gordon Smith and Doug Coupland, developer Terry Hui, power guy Jake Ker, and Tourism Vancouver CEO Rick Antonson. Okay, the big guns are out.

What you won’t see in the ad, of course, is that there is a cluster of developers and architects in town who are out lobbying just as hard to have the gallery stay where it is.

And on the back page, an advertisement about the awards for the Association of Women in Finance. In the top row, for performance and excellence, Patrice Impey, Vision Vancouver’s new hire who heads up the finance department.

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