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Arthur Erickson — architect or not? You decide

August 16th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I have a story in Saturday’s Globe and Mail about the current scuffle going on between Arthur Erickson, Vancouver’s and Canada’s best-known architect, and the Architectural Institute of B.C. over what kind of work Arthur is actually doing on recent buildings he’s been associated with. I discovered after I wrote this that it also affects a building being planned in Calgary by Concord Pacific, which I’m told is being marketed as “Inspired by Arthur Erickson.”

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  • Bartholomew

    Professional associations have internal, professional development requirements to keep all members abreast. For many older, jaded pros, it’s the only ongoing education they take.

    It’s effortless, and relatively, over a year, a small committment of time.

    In this case we have a stuborn Erickson who believes himself above these requirements. Instead of spending 15 or so hours a year in pr devel, he has probably spent five times that fighting, arguing, writing – and worse – thinking, occupying valuable creative space. Even worse, his family is also drawn into it, consuming valuable hours.

    The AIBC could have – as some pr assoc’s do – swept it away “well, let’s let it slide; no one in our industry will challenge it, let’s put Art down for ’20 hours’ … an admin error in the books …”

    Instead, they have withstood, and insisted their pro standards be met. Publicly as well. This is courageous and admirable.

    For me personally, what is most dissapointing is that I was taught in business school that even though some pros are highly experienced – and could even be teaching these courses – they should attend to add to the body of knowldge and informall ‘mentor’ younger pros.

    So on top of all the valuable time and creativity being wasted, younger architects attending these courses will never get a glimps, a chat and catch a few wise observations from Erickson.

  • Ricardo

    Maybe that’s why all of Erickson’s buildings leak!!! Courthouse, Robson Square…the list goes on and on. Pretty buildings, some of them, but they don’t work. Form over function.