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BBC on top of the “Michael Jackson is dead” story

June 25th, 2009 · 14 Comments

In case you’re missing it back in North America, BBC is ALL OVER the story about Michael Jackson’s reported death, with current non-stop coverage and many uses of “we haven’t confirmed this but it’s been on the TMZ website.”

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  • LA Times is now confirming, so it looks for real. What a sad and troubled life he seemed to end up in.

  • Brenda B.

    How many people will actually be saddened that the world has one less pedophile in its midst? Perhaps the parents who alowed their children to spend “overnights” in his bed…

  • Britta Stender, DK

    OOOH Brenda, perhaps you should show a little respect and rethink your words…

    (I think many people still doubt if he was guilty or not!)

    I deffinitly think you should keep this to yourself on his day of death! And give the man and the grieving people some space!

  • Blaffergassted

    The BBC coverage of this story was thorough, well researched and IMMEDIATE.

    CNN, CBCNewsworld, and CTVNewsnet were all scrambling to go through their archives to dig up stuff, and it showed.

    Kudos to BBC for beating the North American news stations to their own story.
    And to Fran, for noticing it.

  • Frances Bula

    Yes, it was interesting for us to see how quickly BBC was on top of the story. That’s why I bothered posting, because I could see from checking Vancouver/Canadian websites that no one was really going with the story as early.

    You’re right, they did have a reporter on the ground who said exactly which websites the rumours were coming from and why they were likely to be reliable and so on. It was quite impressive. Yay for our dying industry.

  • Dee

    I knew you’d have the first scoop of MJ on the block – you even wen to Europe to do it.

    Sigh, an icon from my generation gone. What a sad life he must have had; only now I realize how talented he was. My grade six heart still thinks he’s alive. He was my first concert at BC Place and he was only 25?!

    I’ll continue to enjoy your articles without taking you for granted Frances!

  • gmgw

    The BBC has for many years displayed an inordinate amount of interest in Michael Jackson; just a couple of months ago the CBC screened a (relatively) recent and well-done Beeb doc on what had become of MJ post-trial. The BBC docs on Jacko have for the most part had the virtue of being more “journalistic”, i.e. less gushy, sensationalistic and celebrity-obsessed, than their American counterparts. Which, if you know anything about what passes for British journalism these days, is something of a surprise.

    Like a lot of other people, I have had a passively voyeuristic interest in watching the ongoing train wreck that has been Jackson’s life in the past two decades, but I deeply regret (have regretted for years, in fact) the loss of the phenomenally talented performer he was in his prime.

  • Before eulogising the Beeb . . .

    Remember . . it reported the collapse of Building 7 twenty minutes before it actually did collapse . . .

    As for MJ . . . its called reap what you sow . . Kama

  • gmgw

    You know, Urbanismo, if you’re going to drag “Kama” (sic) into the discussion, allow me to point out that, AFAIK, Michael Jackson was never accused of *killing* anyone– so forgive me if I find your “reap what you sow” argument to be just a bit over the top.

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Well let me add that I, too, will not miss Jacko the Wacko.

    As Brenda and Urbanismo have quite astutely put it: Who will miss pedophile? Not me.

    People who still see Jackson as innocent are either blind to fact or living in a romantic bubble of yesteryear.

    Jackson bought the silence of at least two sets of (idiotic) parents and admitted that he shares his bed with young boys.

    He was then 46 years old.

    I couldn’t careless about the psychobabble regarding his upbringing. Many people grow up in bizarre environments, even ones where they too might have been molested, but to use your millions to hide behind some legal veil to do unto others what might have been done to you is beyond words.

    Good riddance. The world is one less sick fiddler.

    Jackson was a danger to others and his death will only serve to provide some comfort to any American parent that might be worried that, for whatever circumstance, their son would have one less sicko to worry about…

    Only in America can a cute black boy grow up to look like a crazed white woman.

  • gmgw mira . . .

    Yes of course, Karma Thanqu.

    Excuse me, I am unaware MJ killed anyone: other than himself . . .

    I don’t understand your point.

    MJ lived a very shallow narcissistic existence (I hesitate to describe his as a “life”).

    Ultimately the artist must function and contribute . . . grow and teach . . . for her/himself at least . . . as does Saint Germain and Dylan etc . . . as did John Lennon.

    Having said that I recognized Billy Holliday’s contribution as exceptional but she wasn’t flagrant . . .

    MJ lived 46 years and could not come to terms with himself: his grotesque make over says it all: one has to conclude his ambivalent self image eventually destroyed him.

    Yes he is to be pitied. Yet an artist who attains his notoriety and privilege must accept responsibility: to be a positive influence on the young, the naive and the gullible.

    If, indeed, he is the role model you surmise then I am concerned for my two recent great grand children.

    It’s still called Karma . . .

    I make no apologies for the pontificate . . .

    Sin enbargo . . . our own Be Good Tanyas,

    who cannot “tell a bouncer from a customer” make a salient point about the state of later night Robson street.

    MJ’s “Smooth Criminal” sung with such unintelligible hysteria . . . just doesn’t work!

    And no Michael I wont be at the SFU View corridor thing because, through long experience I have come to distrust VPD . . . but thanqxz for the invite . . .

  • Bboy Pen

    In case you retards haven’t heard, he was found innocent of all the “pedophile” charges against him. So just shut it with your smart ass comments and let the man rest in peace.

  • Yup, Bboy:

    This retard agrees . . . shut the **** up about MJ!

    But hey tell that to Anderson Copper and Larry King . . .

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    OJ Simpson was found innocent as well…

    The evidence supporting the claims of JAckson as molester, were significantly more compelling than Simpson as murderer.

    Both were guilty…

    Jackson was a sicko. Good riddance.