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B.C. doesn’t have a clear plan on homelessness

March 5th, 2009 · 3 Comments

B.C.’s auditor-general issued a definite C- report card today on how the provincial government is dealing with homelessness, saying not only does it not have a clear plan for reducing it but it doesn’t even have good information on what the homelessness problem is. You can read the whole report here.

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  • Denis

    And they don’t seem to give a damn when the AG tells them they arn’t getting much done

  • Gail

    The Cabinet did have access to this report well enough in advance that they were able to plan to announce a ‘czar’ for homelessness 2 days ago with much fanfare and the ‘czar’ Rich Coleman, has announced that his expanded powers will him to integrate everyone under his roof while he gathers info from a newly developed ‘data base’. Guess that explains why on Feb 9th all Ministry of Housing Employment Assistance workers’ were given direction on how they must change the electronic record of all ‘no fixed address’ recipients so that all homeless who weren’t either brought in by an ‘approved homeless outreach worker’ or living in public space and with no address where messages could be left for them; didn’t store their belongings at an address or occasionally couch surf with friends, etc would no longer be designated as homeless. This is in direct contrast with the criterion accepted by ‘Metro Vancouver Survey for Homelessness’. According to the survey for 2008 in Metro Vancouver where the majority of homeless is increasing and is on welfare, ‘sheltered homeless’ vs’ non sheltered’ homeless are evenly split. MHSD database will be used by BC Housing and the Liberal gov’t in planning to address ‘homelessness. As usual, we are being governed by persons with far less a commitment to end homelessness than I, my friends or family have. We will reme,ber this when we go to the polls in May!

  • Don Buchanan


    I’m very interested in your point about the policy shift regarding how people are categorized by MoH.

    The post is a bit rambling and hard to follow for someone without an insiders knowledge. Can you expand on this giving background on the previous policy and what the new policy means?