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Burrard billboard goes up

December 3rd, 2009 · 52 Comments

In case anyone missed the heavy coverage of it, the billboard near the Burrard Bridge is up. (I was first alerted to this by Councillor Suzanne Anton yesterday, who gasped in dismay or surprise or something on the phone while talking with me when she first saw it.)

Link to one of the many stories (but best pix) here.

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  • MB

    So, the Pattison Group can erect thousands upon thousands of big, huge illuminated billboards along our roads decade after decade, some of them with electronic animation, all laden with corporate graffiti, with the occasional low level grumbling from the masses.

    But the Natives decide to emulate our society by putting up a couple of billboards and it’s suddenly a Tragedy of Unmitigated Proportions, the mother of all violations.

    There is indeed a bit of ‘ mindless sophistry’ being practiced in the comments above.

  • Cool, apparently I now have an ‘ilk’. Not-so-cool, Alice B Tsunami still dishonoring all the people who have fought and sacrificed for our freedoms by referring to cycling advocates (who promote transportation choices, not limiting freedoms) as fascists. So it goes.

    Was in a car yesterday approaching the north side of the 2nd Narrows and didn’t even notice the new billboard until a second before we went past. Didn’t strike me as much of an eyesore if you don’t even notice it until it’s too late to see the message.