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Casino workers’ union glum about pile-on of opposition, fears that all jobs will be lost

March 8th, 2011 · 64 Comments

Another round of speakers Tuesday night, ably tweeted by several at the meeting. Earlier in the day, I spoke with the president of the casino workers’ union and others about the wave of opposition that has emerged. Story here.

As well, just to try to sort out some of the past, I am appending here key council reports and media stories that tell us how we got here. To sum up briefly:

– Council holds a public hearing on the rezoning of the whole area in October 28, weeks before the election. The original report, read closely, does allow for a major casino. But no one pays attention at the time because all attention is focused on how the area is being upzoned to help pay for the roof. Speakers are more concerned about the roof, the lack of community amenties in exchange for the extra density, and a sense that everything is being pushed through quickly.

– In March 2010, right after the Olympics, the premier announces a grand new entertainment centre at BC Place with a casino — the first that anyone hears of plans for a grand new destination project.

Paragon application to go from 60 to 75 tables

Original report from planners recommending a public hearing for the rezoning in September 2008

Minutes of that meeting

Council vote on going to public hearing

Public hearing part 1, Oct. 28 (video),003

Public hearing part 2, Oct. 30 (video),002

Minutes of the decision after public hearing in October

Campbell announces new casino and entertainment complex

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