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City, Coleman come to agreement on housing plan; one shelter closes

June 29th, 2009 · 6 Comments

Vancouver’s mayor and Housing Minister Rich Coleman did some tough negotiating over the weekend to come up with something they could agree on with respect to the emergency homeless shelters and a future housing plan. You can read my story about it here.

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  • I am astounded at how much these shelters are costing (well over $1,000 per bed per month) and disappointed that there was not a willingness to undertake a modular housing demonstration project. It would have provided a much higher standard of accommodation without the need for such substantial monthly support costs.

    Hopefully, this idea will not be completely discarded.

  • rf

    pretty well handled by Coleman. Hard to argue with his points about how difficult it makes this to put new HEAT shelters in other communities.

    Maybe we should stage a “HEAT sit-in” around Gregor’s house? Everyone can idle their cars to create gridlock all around while others can pretend to drink, shoot up, urinate, and have mock sex acts in view of his window.

    See how he likes it?

  • SV

    Um, that’s exactly what it’s like around my house most of the year. It’d be nice if they could find a way to spread the shelters around the city without totally screwing it up.

  • Len B


    People idling their cars around Gregor’s house would result in bylaw infraction tickets based on the city bylaw prohibiting any car stopped and running for over 3 minutes. You know because one car idling for 3 minutes on any corner downtown is a health hazard.

    That is of course unless you’re stuck on the Burrard Bridge for longer than 3 minutes in one spot after July 13th with hundreds of other cars……then its okay.

    Oh….and if Gregor is anything like his idol from San Fran, Gavin Newsome perhaps the mock sex acts wouldn’t offend at all.

  • Fred

    Grinning Gregor wold never put HEAT shelters in his neighbourhood. He’s a good little socialist and they only inflict reform on other people.

    Don’t think our mayor is the sharpest knife in the drawer. Nice smile, but he has a lot in common with a bag of hammers.

  • Jimbo J

    I find it ironic when people sound concerned about how much they pollute when their car is idled in traffic (eg: Burrard Bridge). If you really cared about how much you polluted you wouldn’t be driving so much.