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City moves into new Crossroads space as Lululemon doesn’t

December 5th, 2008 · 3 Comments

The gorgeous new Peter Busby-designed building at Broadway and Cambie is nearing completion, with London Drugs already in one portion of the street-level space and Whole Foods due to move in first (thereby guaranteeing that the last of our disposable income will disappear in short order).

Lululemon was supposed to be moving its headquarters into that Crossroads building from the current location on Clark Drive, but that won’t be happening now.

Instead, Vancouver’s engineering department will be taking over the 85,000 square feet of space in the building instead for the next 10 years, says the city’s real-estate director, Mike Flanigan.

Flanigan said Lululemon got in touch with the city in July about possibly taking over the space, which the company had signed for three years earlier before the building started construction.

“The way retail was going, they decided they would rather be conservative,” said Flanigan, who says the city got the space at an attractive rate. (But he couldn’t say what because it was, um, an in-camera decision.)

The move is actually the beginning of what will become a gradual takeover at Cambie and Broadway for an expanded city precinct. The city owns the land kitty-corner from the Crossroads building and will be developing that some day to create even more space as its departments continue to expand out of the historic but crowded 1930s city hall building.

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  • Cambie cabalist

    The land! The city owns the whole block kitty corner.

    And you can see that they haven’t done much with it as
    far as “development” (speculation building) goes, renting
    to existing small stores and to charitable organization
    in the above offices.

    How long before Broadway and Cambie is the new death
    intersection as the boomers zoom at 80 km up from the
    Cambie Bridge as they do not now because of the blessed
    Cambie tunnel chicane slowing them down for the past two years?

    Pedestrian hell it’s going to be as people try to race
    the lights, race to the new drug dealer haunt at the
    Broadway station (4 gates to hell, no pushing).

    I see Mr. Fung owns that Crosstown development and
    much of Cambie south of 16th and various blocks in
    Richmond along the line too.

    If it is a cheap deal, is there a quid pro quo on his
    other city developments?

  • Metro muse

    And what space needed in the old City Hall?

    The new provincially forced amalgamation will move city offices to
    the new Metrotown headquarters in the Soviet of Burnaby,
    the old city hall to serve as a western annex.

  • stuart

    The gorgeous new Peter Busby-designed building?? Ha! That building looks like every other building in Vancouver. A big box of windows. It’s not gorgeous. Nor innovative. Nor can you even call it “designed”. It’s flat, featureless, cold and slick with little personality. It’s built just every other building in this city – for profit. Vancouver has the most uncreative architecture in Canada.