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City of Vancouver named best employer

October 9th, 2009 · 12 Comments

I realize that many people at city hall these days are not likely to name their employer as best at anything, but the Globe and Mail put the city there — along with Telus, Simon Fraser, BC Hydro, Goldcorp and a few others from B.C.  The specific city policy that put Vancouver on the list? “A community leader that provides six-month work experience terms to individuals recovering from drug addiction in partnership with local community organizations.”

For those who don’t remember, that’s one of the tangible legacies of the city’s Four Pillars initiative. Besides the other, more public work it did, the city decided it should put its money where its mouth is and offer people trying to break their addiction a chance to get some work experience.

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  • Darcy McGee

    They pay higher than prevailing private sector jobs. They offer long benefits, flex time, and let many employees take Fridays off in the summer by working extra time Mon. to Thurs.

    What’s not to love?

    Well, there was the NPA…

    Telus makes the list? No wonder. The utter uselessness of every meeting I’ve been in with Telus can only be an indication that people there are paid quite a bit of money to do absolutely nothing. I wish I could demean myself to that level, but I actually take pride in the product of my work.

  • coldwater

    I’m not surprised the city made the list. All my dealings with city employees have shown them to be courteous, efficient and dedicated. Which to me shows employees who are happy in their work.

  • Bill Lee

    Ah this old crock. Used to be Top 50 surveyed by Hewitt for Globe which put it in their monthly business glossy. In those years, and I don’t have one beside me, they mentioned that they invited thousands but only a few hundred participated (and many were rather small).
    Yes, we realize it is a PR exercise to promote the MediaCorp Group (subscription on every desk?) and the Globe or Macleans in some yers (Please buy an advert).
    Want to go after the recent Georgia Straight’s Best of…. lists?

  • Not Running For Mayor

    I would be curious to see a list of the worst employers. I wouldn’t be surprised if some employers managed to fall onto both lists.

  • rf

    Only companies with oversized (and in the case of COV, overpaid) communications departments have time to take part in these excerises.

  • I trust Vision Vancouver didn’t lie on the application form the way the NPA was caught doing when CUPE 15, through an FOI request, discovered several untruths.

    Thank you Coldwater, from a front line City employee. We try. 🙂

  • gmgw

    rf sed:

    “Only companies with oversized (and in the case of COV, overpaid) communications departments have time to take part in these excerises.”

    I’ll be far more charitable than you deserve and assume you’re referring to the managers of those City departments (and many other City departments), rf. Obviously you couldn’t be calling rank-and-file City workerbees overpaid, ’cause they ain’t.

    Like they say in Italy: Fish stinks from the head.

  • city Hall insider

    The last survey was filled out based on the wages and benefits the exempt employees received. I am wondering if this is the same excercise. If you are an exempt manager with the city, you have it pretty damn good. Not only did they did not have to pay the piper for their perks like the rest of us they got super ot as well.

  • rf

    if worker bees are feeling underpaid so much, why don’t they just take 3 weeks worth of sick days every year?
    Oh right….they already do.

  • Not to throw “cold water” !

    “courteous, efficient and dedicated”

    Is phlegmatic more appropriate?

  • GeeBee

    I have just 2 sick days in 6 years and many other years of no absences. Many other Cupe 15 people in my office with many years absence – free.
    For that matter lots of managers are there every damned day.

    Front liner

  • City staffer

    I’m exempt and have been sick zero times in five years. Sure over the years I haven’t been feeling well every so often but god, I feel responsible for my job so come in to do the work. I like think and work outside the box, not live in one for years like some employees do. I think if the City only brought in the Performance Review (which the unions won’t allow), there would be a stronger accountability for performance.