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City Plumber: How many shelters are there for homeless people in Toronto? And other skill-testing questions about homelessness

December 12th, 2012 · 1 Comment

A timely question, as the city’s four temporary winter shelters are just about to open, with some communities (Yaletown) in an uproar and some apparently oblivious (I’ve been told the Mount Pleasant shelter opened recently near Sixth and Ontario to zero public comment).

Answers over on City Plumber, kids.

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  • Raingurl

    I’d like to pop those Yaletown folks in the…………oh wait, I am Canadian, we don’t do that. Clearly Yaletown is full of non Canadians not able to see the good and promise in all of humanity. I rarely go to Yaletown. It is not part of Canada. It’s barely part of Vancouver.