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Dunbar group holds public meeting tonight to rally support against Vision development policies

October 25th, 2012 · 103 Comments

For those interested, this is the invitation going around locally:

Last Sunday night, riding hopeful, Geoff Meggs was defeated in his bid to win the Fairview Mt. Pleasant riding as an NDP candidate. It is said that Mr. Meggs, through his Vision Council efforts to change the city, has “taken the community, out of community planning”. The Mt. Pleasant Residents’ Association worked long and hard to ensure Mr. Meggs defeat – people power.

The recent decision to end the Ridge Bowling lanes, was a blow to the Kitsilano Arbutus Residents’ Association, but the development was curtailed to four rather than five stories – people power.

The Vision City Council would grant rights to build 125,000 square feet of housing (6-7 stories) to a developer to build for profit seniors housing in your community.

We need you, and your neighbours, at our Town Hall meeting on Thursday at St. Phillip’s church, 3737 W. 27th at 7 pm sharp. With this council, we have few chances to make an impact and tell them this development is too intense for our community. Time is short, as decisions will be made within months. Come and join us as we plan our opposition to this proposal, and give us YOUR PEOPLE POWER!

What we will cover at the meeting:

– What’s happening
– Why now
– We are not alone, this is a city-wide issue
– Why we have to act quickly
– What you can do to help
– Your questions

Invited speakers include:
Jonathan Baker
Councillor Adrian Carr
Elizabeth Murphy

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  • Mira

    Yeah is nice, lots of trees. But sorry, Dunbar (especially the street, places to go, ammenities, community centers, library)… kind of sucks!
    So, NIMBY or Not… much ado about nothing.
    “No doubt there are well-paid owners, and this may be hard to factualize, but the majority of the residents are recipients of a gratuitous land lift of their property values through no effort, or fault, of their own.”
    Well said, Roger!
    Dunbar people… this is who you are, arrogant, selfish, superficial good old yuppies!
    Grow up!

  • waltyss

    @Mira: Tell me, Mira, do you talk to your “friends” or neighbours the way you do on this blog. Name calling, name calling all fo the time.
    Well, I am glad of one thing, she clearly doesn’t live in Dunbar and for that, I for one, am grateful. My sympathies to those who have to share air with her.

  • gman

    CK 97
    That is absolute bunk.You don’t want to lift them up you want to bring us down,at least try and be honest with yourself Chris.