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Everyone should chill — think about gardening instead

July 16th, 2009 · 10 Comments

Hmm, getting a little heated in some of the blog exchanges. Everyone should relax here, people — it’s a beautiful day.

FYI, I’m hosting CBC’s noon-hour show, BC Almanac today and tomorrow, so you can listen in to hear me talking about everything from Facebook privacy (or lack of), gardening, and how to take a green vacation in the next two days.

Then I promise to start catching up on all the festering news over at 12th and Cambie — I’ve missed a few things in my month away, in spite of vigilance from the beaches of Italy and bistros from France. Some interesting developments for me to post on as soon as I have a minute.

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  • Paul

    The bikers vs drivers battle has been raging for decades. Wehen riding or driving, I always try to remmeber what riders and drivers are usually thinking:

    Drivers: “Don’t get in my way or you will impede my hasty progress to my destinatioon.”

    Riders: “Don’t get in my way or you will likely kill or severly injure me.”

    Both are irrational/selfish assessments.

    Knowing this, I can be in my zen place and blow kisses and wave enthusiatically when someone flips me the bird be it on my bike or in my car.

  • Bill Lee

    Did you miss the second hour of B.C. Almanac?

    We do. That is when the calls would come in from around the province and it wouldn’t be “provincial.”

    Whereas now with the CBC cuts to the Vancouver division, we get 2 hours of repeat fill until the 3 pm drive home show with the ex-City Hall reporter for the CBC ignoring the city completely.

    Thankfully in the rest of the province we get the better show from Victoria.

  • gmgw

    Ironically amusing, how the “protests and scuffles” happened here instead of on the Burrard Bridge…

  • Not Running for mayor

    My tomatoes are coming along nicely, unfortunately my figs are not looking good this year.
    Anyone else notice a huge increase in skunks in the city over the last few years? Seriously I never saw any until only a few years now they are everywhere. My lawn and all my neighbours lawns are getting torn up due to them. Maybe more coyotes are needed.

  • Frances Bula

    Hmm, we seem to have a permanent resident skunk and resident raccoon (who has taken to having huge dumps on my newly landscaped garden).

    I HAVE noticed that I have incredible production in my grapes and cherries this year — I’ve never seen so much fruit. Anyone else noticing that? (I never got to ask Brian Minter about it — he was too busy with calls about raspberries in Cranbrook, brussels sprouts in Houston, and knapweed in Kamloops.)

  • Knapweed in Kamloops!?

    Say it ain’t so….

    (great point by gmgw about the scuffles and stuff above)


  • MB

    It’s true. The city’s official skunk odifometer at 453 West 12th has been off the charts for years. Rumour has it it affects the readings at the adjacent Environment Canada weather station.

  • SV

    If I find some skunk in my garden I will hypothetically punch it out:)

  • Skunks and Burrard Bridge. That reminds me of reason 569 for creating more space on the bridge for cyclists, pedestrians and wildlife. Around five years ago, I was cycling across the bridge at night and noticed I was sharing the sidewalk with a skunk. Fortunately, the skunk stayed to the right of the sidewalk and did not raise a big stink when I passed. Still, it would have been great to have the protected bike lanes back then.

    Maybe we need another lane on the bridge for urban wildlife!

  • jimmy olson

    Cooking and Gardening