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Fabulaworld on vacation: Open forum on city issues

December 7th, 2011 · 65 Comments

The election season was so much fun that now I need to sleep somewhere for a solid week.

So here I am, living in a campsite yurt on the beach in north Oahu, surrounded by feral chickens and a limited selection of local surfers who have hunted out this little gem, a perfect, building-free cove that feels like the Hawaii of a century ago. (I’m sure sharp-eyed Bill Lee will remember my previous trip here and even knows my GPS location.)

I have to note that, passing through Honolulu, I was startled by the numbers of homeless people, sleeping on the sidewalk next to my hotel, all along the beach at Waikiki, and elsewhere.

It reminds me again that cities with warmer weather don’t so much attract homeless people as render them extremely visible because they can sleep outside (instead of in parking garages or in sheds or on someone’s floor) more comfortably.

Oh, and for transportation buffs, you’ll be thrilled to hear the whole city is embroiled in a fight over heavy rail vs. light rail for the new, much needed transit system in this sprawling city.

So, as usual, feel free to post here on interesting city topics that come up until I return.

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