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Fire at Little Mountain housing complex

November 11th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Close watchers of Little Mountain know there was a fire there last night. Here’s CBC’s story on it, the most comprehensive I could find. Given the controversy there, people will have all kinds of theories, of course.

The fire seems to have destroyed only one building, the one closest to 33rd and Main as far as I can tell.

I drove by around 9 last night on my way home from the west side and the rest of the complex looked fine, though seeing the lights on in one of the few remaining occupied buildings reminded me of how frightening this event must have been for the few families who are still living there.

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  • Darcy McGee

    Hipster sarcasm directed at the future of Vancouver housing:

  • Otis Krayola

    Who said history doesn’t repeat itself?

    I well remember the day in 1981 when the last remaining structure standing in the way of a continuous seawall between English Bay and Stanley park, the Englesea Lodge, ‘mysteriously’ burst into flames and was lost.

    How convenient.

  • Ditto the Jericho hangers . . . thinq Torch Wainborne . . . .

  • some guy

    So where was Rich Coleman last night. I wonder…