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FYI: UBC Line open house dates

April 21st, 2010 · 7 Comments

Date: April 21, 2010
SUBJECT: UBC Line Open Houses

Hi there!

There’s a fair bit of interest in the public consultation open houses for the Broadway West-UBC rapid transit plan.  Could you please let your viewers/listeners/readers know the dates and times of the five sessions?

  • Thurs. Apr. 22 UBC Student Union Bldg., 2nd floor Party Room
  • Tues. May 4 St James Community Square, 3214 W. 10th Ave.
  • Thurs. May 6 West Point Grey United Church, 4595 W. 8th Ave.
  • Tues. May 11 Centre for Digital Media, 122 – 577 Great Northern Way
  • Thurs. May 13 Vancouver Masonic Centre 1495 W. 8th Ave.

All sessions run from 6 – 9pm.

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  • Lewis N. Villegas

    Crypes, Frances, that font! Lemme get my daughters Pirate Eye Patch and read again!

  • Why this it called the UBC line? UBC students are some, only some, of the users!

    UBC is out 20+/- weeks in the year and students travel irregular hours!

    In fact, it is a Broadway corridor serving a public all the way from East Van to the end of Point Grey: hopefully connecting at cross nodes.

    This appears to be turning into a parochial bun fight?

    Vancouver is ill served by set-in-place hi tech TX without addressing the complexity of whole city!

    Will we we ever get it right?

    Too many cooks spoil the broth!

  • kermit

    Urbanismo–I think you need to temper your use of exclamation marks.

    If this line only goes to Arbutus as skytrain, perhaps calling it the UBC line would be inappropriate. If it does I would prefer simply calling these lines by letters, so this could be the U line for example. Then we have the C, M, X and future E line.

    Maybe that’s just because I think ‘Canada Line’ is the single worst name for a transit line I have ever heard.

  • Downtown Dad

    Why are 4 of 5 open houses taking place west of Hemlock? From my view of the study area, this means that 80% of the consultation is focussed on just over half of the study area. The only open house taking place east of Main St is in the False Creek Flats – an industrial area with few residents likely to stumble upon the open house. Perhaps another meeting east of Main St along Broadway would be appropriate?

  • Phil

    Or how about some open houses/consultation in Coquitlam, Surrey and elsewhere, if the aim is for people from throughout the region to use the line.

  • Paul C

    My biggest complaint is why are all the open houses slated for the evening during the week days.

    Do they not realize that some people actually work in the evenings. We all don’t work 9-5.

    Basically I can’t go because I have to work.

  • Downtown Dad

    Excellent point Phil! The existing B Line does serve a regional population – not just Vancouverites living along Broadway. While this line may end up being built entirely in Vancouver, it can hardly be seen as a strictly Vancouver line.