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Here it comes

September 21st, 2008 · 6 Comments

Park is Blyth, Barnes, Jasper, Hundal

School is Gregson, Lombardi, Bacchus and Clement

Council is as expected Chow, Deal, Louie, Stevenson, Reimer, Dhaliwal, Jang, Meggs. David Eby came behind Meggs by only 17 votes

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  • ian

    Eby should run for the Workless PArty….

  • Wagamuffin


    My Sleep Country Double Deluxe Full Spectrum Sleepy Time mattress and non matching Boxspring beckon …

    Bonne nuit, toutes les monde!

  • ian

    The reason I say that is there are now only three parties running in this election now NPA/Vision/WLP with two of them in bed with developers….

  • David Eby came behind Dhaliwal by only 17 votes. I do not envy those recounting the ballots.

  • “in bed with developers”

    What does that mean, exactly? Should we have no development? Didn’t COPE-lite (now Vision) members set really high standards for daycare spots and affordable housing inclusion in development in the city?

  • Brenton–

    I’m with you.