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Judy Rogers out. Penny Ballem new city manager

December 12th, 2008 · 18 Comments

More to come.  Watch this space.;

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  • Blaffergassted

    Why use a scoop when you can use a snow shovel?

  • ptak604

    Good morning to you too!

  • George

    Hallelujah!!!! Wonder what it costs the City, that is us the taxpayers to give her the boot.

  • And Anton makes the announcement!!!!!?


  • Coastal
  • grounded

    Penny Ballem is a former Deputy Minister of Health for British Columbia and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at UBC. She has a long-standing interest in teaching across all health disciplines and in clinical and policy research. During her tenure as Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Ballem served on the board of the Canadian Institute for Health Information, as a member of Canada Health Infoway, as Liaison Deputy Minister for the Canadian Council for Donation and Transplantation and as co-chair of the Pan Canadian Public Health Surveillance Information System Project. (

    Keith Baldry’s BC Business profile of Dr. Penny Ballem:

  • spartikus

    From the City Caucus link posted above: The next big shoe to drop will be how BIG the severance package was. Given Rogers was making about $300K, expect that it will be significant.

    Given that the former boss of the post’s author gave Roger’s a 60% raise, I’d say this statement gives Republicans a run for their money in the shameless chutzpah department.

  • Vancouverism

    Hey spart’ check your facts — Larry Campbell and the COPE/Vision council gave Judy the 60% raise, not Sullivan.

  • Not running for mayor

    Yes another NDP lifer that will get the job done as it was so successful during their rein of the province.

    On the plus side maybe Judy Rogers can get a senate seat now. Timing seems perfect.

  • spartikus

    I’m always happy to be corrected, but I can only confirm a 30% pay hike under Campbell.

  • obscurantist

    Unfortunately, the precedent for city managers being identified with one particular party or political leader was set a while ago. Remember Ken Dobell? Whatever happened to him? 😉

    In that light, Vision seems to be anticipating the most obvious criticism of its actions by hiring a former senior deputy minister under the BC Liberals as Rogers’ replacement. True, Ballem quit suddenly in order to protest Gordon Campbell’s way of doing things. But she’s hardly an NDP hack.

  • Another viewpoint

    Unfortunately, because people who are busy working and doing great things for this City generally do not take the time to comment on blogs, the true story of who Judy Rogers is and the amazing things she achieved for Vancouver will not be reflected on these blog comments.

    While Ms Bula should be commended for writing fair and balanced articles about this issue, no one should be under the illusion that her readers’ vitriolic and at times inaccurate comments in any way reflect reality.

  • Dawn Steele

    Is this the same Penny Ballen with enough cred to be placed by the BC Liberals as DM of one of their most important Ministries AND with enough guts to be the only senior provincial bureaucrat in 7 years to call a spade a spade by walking away and openly stating that the plans established by the Premier and his minions for her Ministry were “unsound.”

    How absolutely refreshing!

  • Jeannette M

    @Another viewpoint

    Anyone who reads blogs enough and is nerdy enough to read about civic politics is also probably smart enough, or well informed enough, or using enough sources, (or set in their own ways enough) to know that comments on blogs should ALWAYS be taken with a grain of salt.


  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Yes, Dawn…that Penny Ballem, and it couldn’t have been a finer pick.

    Good riddance to Rogers. Mind, she’ll land on her feet, smart gal she is…

    After all, she learned everything on Ken Dobell’s knee…er, proverbially, of course…

  • Double yes to Dawn’s question….. It is most definitely that Ms. Ballem!

    And now a question for Mr. A.G.T……Were those “cat-feet-landing-pads” the staff were rumoured to be setting up just outside the front doors of H&K’s Lotusland Divsion earlier today?


  • Wagamuffin

    Alex, you are a bad boy…

    OK, so I am de-pantsed in my call on La Rogers. Please don’t ask me to pick stocks for you. Especially in this economic climate.

    Though I’m sure GM is a slam dunk.

  • jaymac

    Clearly we have a new Lady McBeth at City Hall. HIS name is Meggs. It’s Meggslomania time. What does Robertson know about civic politics in terms of the 1000’s of other issues that arise outside of homelessness? Doubtless he is leaning heavily on, or being leaned on by Meggs.

    Don’t worry about Judy. Rumour is that a target (with her name on it) was placed on the City Manager’s desk in the City of Victoria today. Jamie Graham can’t wait.