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Malware warning

November 16th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Hi all. I’ve seen myself and had messages from several of you that when you attempt to post a comment on the site, you get a warning from Google saying it is an attack site. (Doesn’t show up if you just look at the main site.) This only happens if you are on Firefox, not Explorer.

My web hoster has scrubbed the site. I have requested a review from Google, but apparently this can stay up for a while until they pass through and review it again. This may be the result of links that I have allowed people to put up in the comments section, so I may have to be more careful about that.

Anyone dying to post comments, send them to me at and I will put them up under your name. Or you can switch to Explorer and post comments.

Very sorry about this. As an aside, I would like all to know that Alex Tsakumis has been my most assiduous helper, although Bill Lee alerted me to the specifics of the invaders.

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  • gmgw

    It happens on Safari as well, Frances. There are one or two folks out here who use Macs, you know; some of them, I have it on good authority, may even visit this site from time to time.

  • I would like all to know that Frances Bula surfs for porn on an almost daily basis and the fact that she so brazenly blames all of us that love to turn this site into the occasional WWE coal miner’s glove match, is offensive.

    Yes, I’ve been helping her through Surfers Anonymous, where I received my coveted key chain by winning the Ron Jeremy look-alike contest.

    But considering that Doug and I have been swapping Maryanna and Frances for about a month now, in the great hope that we will achieve the minimum credentials required to sit as Liberal Senators in an Ignatieff govt,, you’d think she would somehow be kinder and gentler to the rest of you.

    What’s up with that? I know, you didn’t need the visual.

    Oh well, I’m off to a gallery opening. And I’m cycling the Burrard Bridge to get there. Big news maybe, too. Bob Rennie might sneeze while getting out of his Bentley or something. Take care. I’m moving to Cortez Island.

  • Blaffergassted

    AOK on Safari/Mac today.
    Of course, that may change once I hit the “submit” button.

  • I had that happen to my site too this fall, Frances. The good news is I was able to track it down to an innocuous-sounding file (“cache.php”) that hackers had placed on my server; when executed, it added iframes to every html file and index page on my site, all linked to the same malware site.

    And now I’m a lot more vigilant about my WordPress security upgrades. 🙂