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Mixed martial arts knocks out budget

December 17th, 2009 · 9 Comments

I thought people were riled up about the city’s impending budget. Boy, am I so last century. Apparently the real city issue these days is whether to allow mixed martial arts. See Jonathan Ross’s breathless live blogging here.

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  • Hoarse Whisperer

    No, Frances, not so last century. More like “the end of civilization as we know it”.

    Just read Ross’s posts.

    The only way I would ever attend an MMA (oh, what a quaint term for such a brutal “sport”) is if he and Tsakumis have a match.

    We need a name befitting such an event, like “the Thrilla in Manila”. Anyone got sumthin’???

  • Visionless in Vancouver

    Does anyone take that civic-scene blog seriously? It seems to be mostly a continuous screed and ad-hominem attack against the lone NPA councillor, Suzanne Anton, who has no power to really do much of anything while the Visionistas vote in lock-step like the Stepford Wives they’ve become. You’ll read nary a criticism about the developer handouts, big-business tax breaks and disdain for public consultation that has now become de-rigueur with Vision on that blog. Frances, why do you give Vision-ass-kissing Ross the attention he craves but doesn’t deserve?

  • Boxing, martial arts, and wrestling are all OK w/in the city, but MMA should be banned? That’s like saying butter, milk, and potatoes are OK, but mashed potatoes are poison.

    For the city, banning MMA would be like a squeamish city employee refusing to issue filming permits to R-rated violent movies… a intrusion of personal viewpoint into the public arena.

  • Sammy says

    I would pay huge to watch Tsakumis demolish Ross! no way that fight is gonna last long This is not the kinda guy I’d want to meet in an alley.My brother used to train at the same time as Tsakumis at the Astoria and says he had the fastest hands there of any big guy. C’mon Alex put that fricken cigar down buddy, it’s time to do us all a favor.

  • Not sure if I agree with the way you compare it to boxing and wrestling, but I couldn’t agree more with your statement of being an “intrusion of personal viewpoint into the public arena.”

    This is not the issue to legislate morality over.

  • John

    I agree with Jonathon. Cut the bullshit. Let the people who want to promote their MMA events do so, their audience is waiting and willing to pay. 20,000 grow-ops in this friggin’ town and this is what gets people’s attecntion? Hoity-toity Vancouver City Council. Do they have any testicular fortitude whatsoever in that joint? (pun intended)

  • Blaffergassted

    And bring back the Vancouver Ravens lacrosse team – Canada’s national sport of summer!!

  • Bill Lee

    It still is intended as a monopoly on the MMA sport. Would City say nothing if there were multiple rivals putting on such fights at all the arenas in the city?

    The Globe is doing a thing on concussion in their sports pages, will hockey (ice boxing) or football (grassboxing) be banned if we think MMA is too violent = dangerous.

  • Bill Lee

    and like the blood-sucking casinos, MMA is popping up everywhere, (and imitated on the streets as with Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan movies).