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More on CKNW at 2 today

September 22nd, 2008 · 5 Comments

For those who can’t get enough of my brilliant apercus and hot insider information, I’ll be on Christy Clark this afternoon from 2-2:30 unless I (and municipal politics) get bumped for something more pressing.

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  • Short first take on the bi-directional “You’re so mean, Christy!” interview here.


  • Great conversation today!

  • Wagamuffin

    Frances, you are a pip, girlfriend! Great points on all parties.

  • Hey FABula!

    Here’s something Ms. Clark didn’t ask you because, I guess, she was too focussed on this…..’They’re all lefties bent on raising taxes!!!!’ thing….

    How well do you figure Vision is doing in terms of bridging the divide?

    (And I’m not talking about East-West, but instead North-South, which I figure is how Smilin’ Sammy really won things last time around).


  • Tues noon…..

    Recount results out…

    Dhaliwhal and Clement are in.

    (and is it just about the party with these Vision people…..Karaoke Wed…. Pub night Thurs…..I shudder to think what the weekend will bring…sheesh)