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New name for Broadway Line?

April 22nd, 2010 · 61 Comments

Until last week, I had only heard the rapid-transit line from Commercial to Broadway referred to as the Millennium Line extension. TransLink seems to be calling it now either the Broadway Line or the UBC Line.

We know those names will be replaced at some point with something more brand-y. How about suggestions? And we might really need two names if there is one that runs along the Arbutus tracks to the north of Broadway, as well as the Broadway line.

I was thinking Creme de La Creme Line, to capitalize on that famous phrase used by a Kerrisdale resident arguing at a city hall public hearing many moons ago against the city’s decision to designate the Arbutus line as a transportation corridor. But that should probably be reserved for any future rapid-transit line that runs south from Broadway on Arbutus.

The names we’ve had so far are so … I don’t know, like something dreamed up by an advertising company that’s never set foot in Vancouver. Expo Line, Millennium Line, Canada Line, Evergreen Line.

Los Angeles is no help. They’ve named their lines boring things like Orange and Red. I kind of like London’s names, because at least they evoke places or images: Circle Line, Picadilly Line, Hammersmith & City Line. New York? Well, they’re so world class they can name a train the D Line and it still sounds exotic. Paris is not that because they go by colours and then the names of the stations at either end of a line — geographically evocative, once more, but it only works because they have great names. So French-sounding! (La Defense-Chateau de Vincennes; Porte des Lilas-Gambetta) The sound of Commercial-UBC just does not make my heart race.

We need something with romance, something that evokes Vancouver, something people could write a song about.

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  • Rick

    Duck and Cover Line

  • Denis

    Call it the Gordo vision overpriced line

  • jesse

    Joking aside, a decent name for the line is in order. I’m guessing the “Juan de Fuca” line is out. The thing passes mighty close to, if not on, some native land.

    I’m voting for Point Grey Line. For no other reason than that’s where it ends up, not because I’m trying to rub the the nearby residents’ noses in it.

  • darelm1

    I’m for the University Line. It conveys the most information of any names so far.

  • Dan Cooper

    So, continuing on the Great What-To-Call-That-Line-That-Goes-From-Downtown-To-Richmond-And-The-Airport question, and after further pondering….

    I also hear people often just call it the “Skytrain,” without specifying a line. It’s hard to explain that to my out of town guests, though, because the entire thing is quite firmly under ground in the area where I live. I have to give them this long explanation about how in MOST places it is above ground (thus “Sky”), but that it is required by natural law to hide itself from view the moment it enters the hallowed and wealthy precincts of Vancouver West.

    Actually, now I’m curious whether people tend to call this line different things in different parts of the region. Sounds like a job for Smolick Polling Associates!

    But back to the original question of Frances’ article: after looking over all the suggestions, I agree with Mr. Parker above – let the Squamish and Musqueam decide the official name of the new line.

  • Doug

    The Pick Up Line.

  • rmac

    How about calling it the Free-line, since that is the already preferred name for the B-line.

  • Broadway Line gets my vote. Sure Pacific Spirit Line is evocative for our area but it is not helpful to visitors. It’s enough they have to deal with names of our existing light rail lines.

    University Line…is short form by Torontonians for their University-Spadina-St. George subway line in Toronto. It’s been there for past few decades. It runs underneath University Avenue.

  • Higgins

    #58 dunces so far. Here comes The Streetcar Named Desirée – Line…#59.

  • elliomeg

    Sea Line and Tree Line

  • Peter

    Billenium Line – because its going to cost that much