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New pan-Canadian city blog to start up soon

December 10th, 2008 · 6 Comments

Yahoo! People are starting to get interested in civic government, as the popularity of city-oriented blogs is showing.

The latest entry in the field is, which is being developed and tested right now by local civic-politics aficionadoes Mike Klassen (who has done work for former mayor Sam Sullivan and at least one Liberal constituency organization) and Daniel Fontaine (Sullivan’s former chief of staff). For now, it’s all about Vancouver, but contributors are being recruited across the country as we speak.

A few, first test posts are up, slagging Vision for heavy spending on its inaugural party (someone posting to my blog said the cost was around $25,000), warning that two lanes of the Burrard Bridge could be shut down for bikes, not just one, and praising lone NPA Councillor Suzanne Anton for her early attacks on Vision hijinks.

I’ll leave it to all of you to comment on the political orientation.

But it should be a good source for certain insider gossip at city halls here, there and everywhere and a notably different perspective on civic politics.

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  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Okay…you’re excited, dear heart, that a blindly partisan blog has been started by the former Chief of Staff for the worst Mayor in the history of Vancouver, who was more pathetic apologist than able administrator and another man whose sole claim to civic fame is that he was shameless enough to accept a clear patronage appointment to the Planning Commission without one stitch of previous planning experience, all the while still maintaining websites for the NPA and the Nutty One?

    Let’s arrange to go to dinner again, you clearly need a very thorough break. Bring Douglas this time, in case you start talking like this again, I won’t be the only one laughing…

  • Stephanie

    So far I see: Vision councillors are “feisty Bolsheviks”; Robertson is the “New Age Mayor” (in italics, no less); the Vision administration is “living large”; and Anton (with glamour shot) is “plucky”.

    Meanwhile, the editor claims that the blog will “take an in-depth look at your favourite city blogger/columnists to see if there is any bias in between those lines.”

    He might want to start with his own partisan hackery. Epic fail, straight out of the gate.

  • Hmmm. Apart from the content (per S, above) issues, I wonder if attempts to consolidate bloggers will backfire. My interest in city politics has skyrocketed in large part due to individuals (you recently, Sean Orr, David Eby) who write independently in your own digital “space”. If (for example) you all were part of One Group Blog, the appeal may be lost, and I suspect the trust (“authenticity” etc.) may be somewhat eroded.

  • VanVoter

    Hey folks… withdraw the knives! This is another civics blog that will I’m sure provide a refreshing alternative to many of the left-leaning blogs currently out there. This is more reading material for those of us who love to dissect the politics of city hall, and once in a while these guys might just break some news. Let’s give them a chance.

    I’d like to see run a ‘spend-o-meter’ on the new council, as we start to see some of the new pet projects and initiatives coming online. That $25K for Vision’s inaugural bhangra-dragon-kilt party would be a good start.

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    I’d like to see them run a “Dumbass Meter” just so they can govern themselves.

    Give me a break. Being the webmaster to the NPA and an entirely unqualified member of the city Planning Commission, plus being the head apologist (and I’m being VERY, VERY generous here) for the absolutely worst Mayor of Vancouver, will amount to as partisan blogging as you can get. Have you read it thus far???

    Pathetic, would be a f–king compliment…

  • Stephanie

    Apparently we can add “touchy” and “defensive” to their list of qualities. Someone wake me when we get to the “refreshing change” part, ok?