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New trends in B.C. homeless: older, sicker, on the street longer

September 16th, 2008 · 3 Comments

I have a short story on the final report from the 2008 Metro Vancouver homeless count that was done in March. We heard about the raw numbers back in April. This report looks more closely at the trends behind those numbers. To read it all, go here. For my short summary, go to my story in today’s Globe and Mail.

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  • I find these statistics really disturbing. Is there not a federal election campaign going on? Why is homelessness an election issue? Why do Canadians seem to turn a blind eye to such misery?

  • Sorry Frances – Why is homelessness NOT and election issue? Paul

  • I imagine the individual candidates in the Vancouver ridings will have quite a bit to say about the issue. I’m guessing Libby Davies (and whichever Liberal and Conservative sacrificial lambs are put forth) will have to address the issue, as will the four high-profile Vancouver-Centre candidates. I look forward to hearing their views.