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NPA park candidates: DeGenova, Shukla, Zlotnik

September 13th, 2008 · 4 Comments

It took a lot longer to count the votes than anyone expected, but finally the results came in at 2:24: Wai Sin was the candidate dropped from the four, losing to Marty Zlotnik by only eight votes. The results: Melissa DeGenova, 214; Naresh Shukla, 189; Marty Zlotnik, 161; Wai Sin, 153.

I’m sure Wai will try again, since she seemed so gung-ho about the process. (Plus there seems to be some kind of massive group hug going on around her, as everyone consoles her/congratulates her on her big effort.) Not too much of surprise that Melissa and Naresh won, since there was a heavy Indo-Canadian presence and the DeGenovas clearly had been working the lists.

No count on the total voters, but it was more than 214, since people were allowed to vote for only one candidate at a time.

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  • Any word on who the school board candidates are? Or, will NPA only run six?

  • Whew.

    Sure am glad Mr. Zlotnik is back for another round.

    After all, who else is going to make sure that Pacific Spirit Park is not carved up to save a sliver of a (very) private golf course?

    Oh, wait……..hang on a second…..


  • Wagamuffin

    Mr. Zlotnick won by only 8 votes. An incumbent finishing in 3rd place? Unheard of.

    Oh, wait…hang on a second…maybe Marty will put the golf clubs away for awhile.

    The membership hath spoken, thus endeth the lesson for today.