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Office-tower developers continue to love transit and Vancouver downtown

September 16th, 2013 · 165 Comments

Two new office-tower projects, to add to the I’ve-lost-count number already. I still can’t get over how much the commercial broker/office developer cluster is bullish on downtown and transit, after having been so hot on business parks for so many years.

These two are interesting, as well, because they’re taking advantage of space that’s not really empty lots: a parkade in one, the plaza of an existing office tower for another.


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    Please identify the post(s) where I allegedly threatened you or anyone else (apart from Gregor Robertson, in a cartoonish sort of way) with violence. When I eventually get around to e-mailing Frances to formally ask her to kick you off this board for your ongoing abusive language, taunting, namecalling, relentless personal attacks, outrageous sexism (hello, #60), slander, misogyny, gynophobia, gross insults, deliberate distortions, outright lies, and general mindless ranting, it might be useful to have those posts to refer to, should the subject arise.

  • boohoo


    I support that, although I would add a few names to that list.

  • jenables

    So ck, you don’t stop if the light is green, right?

  • @Jenables

    If you’re unclear on the rules of the road….

    “Driver training isn’t just about passing a road test. It’s about learning the right attitudes and skills to keep you safe and confident on the road.

    Whether you’re new to driving or would like to refresh your skills, there’s a course that’s right for you.”

  • jenables

    Why don’t you answer the question, Chris?

  • jenables

    Instead of telling me how obvious it is and trying to imply I don’t know how to drive, just answer the question.

  • Why don’t I answer the question?? Well, let me answer THAT question. Because I feel zero obligation to participate in this infantile exchange. I post what I want, when I want. Your mistaken belief that you are owed even a moment of my time is your issue.

  • brilliant

    @Threadkiller 135- yes there seems to be a mean streak of misogyny running thru waltie’s posts. I wonder what his, ahem, wife thinks of that.

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    the fact that you refuse to answer a simple question which is the key of our whole argument here says loud and clear to me what I knew all along; you have picked a fight with me based not on reason but as a contrarian. You are the one who had tried to imply I was ignorant or lacking all along, and I asked you several times to think about what you were arguing for. Maybe you should have taken that at face value.

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  • @jenables

    No one picked a fight with you or was arguing ‘for’ anything. I made an honest observation based upon your and teririch’s remarks about road markings. I further provided a link to provincial communications pointing out that zebra crosswalks can be expected to be implemented in different ways in different places, in response to your belligerent posts and expectation that it be otherwise. I have implied exactly nothing, would prefer not to engage with you at all, but you were persistent and kept asking questions which were answered honestly. Sorry that you feel it’s personal. Finally, I have made all the points in this post already upthread, but in some seeming display of mind-reading, insist on telling me what I’m doing and thinking and even go a step further and claim to know motivation.

    The bottom line is you stubbornly pushed for confrontation, got what you asked for, now claim insult and injury, and present some skewed version of events that I am sure you believe to be true. So be it.

  • jenables

    Without your comment at #118, this would not have happened. Note my original comment was not directed at you. Sorry that you’ve only been able to tell me how obvious the answer is without being able to share what you’d do – it really doesn’t bolster your argument at all. After all, you can’t undelete what you wrote above, and I just can’t respect you telling me I’m wrong if you can’t tell me what right is.

  • It’s a free country and people are allowed to voice an opinion. They are not however, beholden to accede to the demands of the unreasonable. You were shown why you were wrong. Need I post it yet again? The province clearly states to NOT expect consistency w/r/t zebra crosswalks. This was pointed out to you. Twice. Three times now. Near as I can tell you have a bee in your bonnet, based upon a mutual misunderstanding about a previous conversation. Let it go. Please.

  • jenables

    No Chris you aren’t showing me that I’m wrong. The province isn’t giving municipalities a free pass to use road markings irresponsibly. Nor have any city staff ever given me a statement supporting why they haven’t removed it. Besides, if you can’t tell me what you would do when the light is green and there are pedestrians at a lone zebra crossing, I’m going to look past the passive aggressive suggestions you’ve given me and assume it is because you don’t know. Which proves my point.

  • jenables

    Zebra Markings
    3. The recommended pavement marking for crosswalks which have no signal controls is

    the zebra style with longitudinal stripes which are more visible to approaching drivers

    (See Figure 1.1).
    4. The zebra markings will be used for all crosswalks installed at unsignalized
    intersections under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation and Highways.
    NOTE: Municipalities may choose, however, to retain the twin parallel
    line markings for unsignalized crossings on roads under their

    Perhaps you need to look at more than the FAQ section to learn the rules.