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Passing the time with my correspondents

September 21st, 2008 · 6 Comments

Scott — It’s all your fault that you went to that wedding. If you were here, these ballots would be counted by now. Anyway, the latest fairly reliable story is that the votes were so close at park and school that they’re recounting.

Monte — No, I set up my table here first. I don’t know why you snobs decided to sit over there.

Steve — I honestly don’t think it’s a plot. Any party wants coverage. They would have loved to have made the Province’s 10 p.m. deadline, I’m pretty sure. To tell you the truth, though, they’ll now get a much bigger bang in the Monday papers with whatever is announced, since it won’t have been covered Sunday.

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  • Dave

    are you going to post the results or just the names of who were successfull…any rumours of the both Heather’s of how they did and Tim Stevenson

  • It would also be interesting to learn if there are different numbers of total ballots for council versus school board. There are three ballots. So, conceivably a voter could vote only for one of the categories (say Park board) and not the other two. Perhaps the same sort of fall off that exists in the ‘real’ civic elections might exist for the nomination vote.

  • Wagamuffin

    I’m hungry.

    Anyone want me to order in pizza while we wait?

  • Harinder

    Wagamuffin: Pizza is on the way in about in half an hour . Pizza people are counting and recounting the toppings.

  • Wagamuffin

    Harinder: Love it!!!

    Vision Pizza: no matter how you slice it, someone will be fighting over a piece of the pie…

  • Fair enough Frances.

    I just had visions of Tim Stevenson not getting elected and whining that ballot boxes had gone missing.