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Peter Ladner spent $150,000 on mayoral campaign, posts donors

November 9th, 2008 · 4 Comments

The Non-Partisan Association’s Peter Ladner has been attacking Vision’s Gregor Robertson for not telling the public who the donors were to his mayoral campaign against Raymond Louie and Allan DeGenova. He’s also said a number of times that Gregor’s campaign is reputed to have cost $400,000.

I don’t know if there’s a shred of truth to that, but Peter has now posted his campaign donors’ names and the approximate amounts they gave, which you can look at here. Trying to get the Vision team back on the defensive, as the $100-million loan debacle continues to unroll.

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  • TM

    Obviously, Peter Ladner thinks the taxpayers are stupid as well as blind. Sadly for him, we actually do know the difference between the public accountability of donor money and that of property tax payments – one means nothing to us and the other is our money.

    Best of luck with that campaign…..

  • julia

    you are right – taxpayers are stupid.

    I wish people would take 10 minutes to understand the facts before they simply make a judgement based on news hype and political theatre.

  • jf

    well, I imagine Gregor’s nomination campaign may well have cost a lot more than Peter’s. Gregor’s nomination was a three way competition with upwards of 15 000 potential voters.

  • TM


    As brilliant as you may well be, I’d be impressed if you had this all figured out in ten minutes. But, if you did have it in all in the bag that quickly, you do have the right to call us stupid.

    What’s it like breathing rarified air? I’ve always been curious, being a mere stupid mortal.