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Police still on the trail of The Missing Olympic Village Document

February 24th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Mike Howell, the hardest-working reporter on the civic beat and someone who makes me feel tired whenever I look at the volume of stuff he produces on a weekly basis, has been keeping on top of the city hall investigation into the leaked document on the village’s finances last fall. His story is here.

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  • asp

    Who says that someone from the city leaked the information to the press? It may have been someone working for the developer.

  • Dave

    Could the contents of the leaked document, such as something told by one councillor to a second party and then re-told to a third party eg. Globe and Mail, been done by a tape recorder?

    In this day and age recording devices comes in many forms eg. smile for the digital camera…….

  • TaxPayer

    I have no interest in who leaked the document. Only in its content. Don’t make the messenger the story…

  • hohoho

    The source was clearly someone who wanted to use this as political dynamite during the election. So, that is unlikely going to be anyone but those who could gain politically, i.e., someone running for office at the time.

    Either it’s illegal to release in-camera minutes to the public or not. Otherwise, if there are no consequences for doing so, what’s to stop anyone from leaking everything to the press?

    We’re also learning that the leaked information was selective. The only information leaked at the time was clearly meant to damage the NPA party during a civic election.

    I think it would be very useful to know who was behind the leak. Someone is lying.