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Province buys another big whack of housing for the homeless

January 30th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Off to the 9:30 press conference this morning, where the premier and Housing Minister Rich Coleman are about to announce another big end-of-year buy of residential hotels and older apartment buildings for the third year in a row. All part of the plan to secure this private stock so it can be used for housing low-income, homeless or at risk of homelessness, people.

You can read my Globe story here but I only had some of the details. More will come out at the news conference, especially about some of the pilot projects the government wants to try with some of these buildings.

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  • Bill Lee

    Why do I have an iffy feeling about all this? And that
    they are part of gentrication projects on the sites and the
    so-called profits, used to build low-income housing in out
    of the way (and difficult transport, no jobs) places, while
    the former rooming houses become million dollar downtown lofts.

    Why not turn current low density (single or two story) buildings
    into building sites for 6 storey well-designed apartments?

    And have they bought more of the failing condo sales from the
    SFU (ex-Woodward’s ) site now that the University can’t afford
    to buy there or use it?

  • julia

    I am really perplexed at the dollars per square foot that are going into some of these projects. The Pennsylvania hotel is a great example. I am hearing rumours that costs were pushing $1,000 a foot! is that possible? Has anyone looked at the costs?

    someone should be able to buy 4 times the space for those sorts of dollars. why not buy some struggling condo projects before they are completed and finish them to a standard that is appropriate and affordable. our money would go farther, the housing would be spread across the city to decentralize the problem and taxpayers would get great bang for their buck.

    We need to do a better job of stretching our dollars in these circumstances.

  • Shepsil

    If we follow the money where will it take us? Who owned these properties and why would Campbell’s Liberals buy them in a falling market just before an election? Those are the questions that need to be answered.

  • Not running for Mayor

    Bill Lee no idea what you are talking about. SFU fully plans on using the all their space and are set to start classes Jan 2010.

    The BC government and city should be teaming up with developers and getting social housing built into large project at the time of construction ala Woodwards. The city could trade density for units, the province could pick up the DCLS and other fees for that additional density.