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Reaction on VPD decision that it won’t lay charges in Olympic village leak

May 12th, 2009 · 12 Comments

Peter Ladner and Suzanne Anton are not impressed. That’s the politest way of putting their reaction to the news from the VPD this morning that no charges can be laid in the case of the missing Olympic village documents.

Ladner can’t believe the police need people to agree to polygraph tests in order to complete an investigation, can’t believe councillors refused to take them, and can’t believe that police are releasing the news of their decision on a day when it’s most likely to be buried by other news, i.e. the provincial election.

“If you want to bury this thing, that would be the perfect time to announce it,” he said. He suspects that the new council will now decide to abandon any further attempts to investigate and simply let the whole issue go away.

“It’s not a great outcome and the ultimate losers are the public,” he said. “And I’d say anyone who didn’t take a polygraph but gained politically is suspect in my view.”

Even though police have said that the information that got leaked to the media appears to have come from the minutes of the meeting and not the report (which laid out staff’s case, but didn’t have the results of the vote) that went missing for a couple of days immediately after the Oct. 14 meeting, Ladner and Anton both insist that finding who took the document is important.

And they don’t believe it went missing by chance, perhaps picked up by someone accidentally. Anton said staff went “white with shock” when they knew the document was missing within minutes of the Oct. 14 meeting ending and they sent out an alert immediately. She doesn’t see how anyone who had picked it up accidentally wouldn’t have discovered that right away, given the level of panic.

Yet that’s what Vision councillors believe. “My best guess is that it was picked up by accident,” says Tim Stevenson. “I know most of the people fairly well and I just don’t think we have those kind of people.” He said he declined to take the polygraph test because he had sought advice, and he was told polygraphs are unreliable and inadmissible in court.”

He didn’t think much of the whole request for a police investigation, which he said seemed like a “big fishing expedition” that was bound to lead nowhere.

Hmm, that might give readers a clue as to what’s going to happen to the second half of the Richard Peck investigation into the missing document. Remember, Peck was hired to make suggestions for improved security and do an investigation. The first half, he reported on and apparently staff will come back in June with recommendations on how to implement his suggestions. It’s now up to council to decide whether to proceed with the second part.

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  • Vision governs, the NPA blogs

    Can someone explain to me what magical resources and techniques Richard Peck has at his disposal that a four month VPD investigation didn’t have?

  • Darcy McGee

    Reaction: complete and utter lack of surprise, of course.

    This is a police department that can’t even arrest a group of people smoking pot on a public street when they /announced their intention to do so weeks prior./

    But whatever…who cares. It’s a political issue more than a legal one. I’d be happy to see more separation between politics and legal decisions in this country. It’s kind of a joke that the Supreme Court ever ruled on testing cruise missiles over Canadian soil, and it’s equally a joke that the Conservative Party of Canada thinks they have the right to say who can get an abortion or not.

  • Denis

    And it keeps Ladner’s name in the news. some failed politicians never admit they lost so should move on. Begone sir you past due date has passed

  • Forthingham

    It’s a political issue. I don’t see how it can be a police issue. … what crime would the leaker be charged with? Would they be granted Whistler Blower Status?

    And the e Peck enquiry is totally unnecessary.

    PS the idea of submitting Council to a polygraph test is ludicrous.

  • Darcy McGee

    The idea of submitting anybody to a polygraph is ridiculous.

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    There are two simple points to be made here:

    1) Most people have missed that the investigation realized the fact that the leak issue emanates from the minutes and not the report. Therefore, Vision would have little or no incentive to gain anything from such a risky move, whose results would likely be a zero sum gain.

    2) The scope of the investigation by police was extremely narrow. Excepting Peter’s ignorance since he doesn’t have a million lawyers either named Ladner or schooled by a Ladner to seek advice from, Suzanne is a former prosecutor who should be able to read the document and come to the conclusion instantaneously that this was likely to result to nothing. I suppose this would have been too much to ask of a woman whose capacity for self-flagellation is almost equalled only by Peter’s inability to let go of the election results.

    3) Why isn’t anyone asking two people, specifically, where they were (were they in the room? Mayor’s office?) and if they’d take a polygraph or if they were co-operative with the investigation at all? Maybe, too, ask the police: Danny Fountain and Super Dave Hurlforth. I’d be interested to hear their responses. Can anyone say ‘Ruby Dhalla’?

  • Darcy McGee

    > Super Dave Hurlforth

    That’s Hurford, Herr Tsakumis.

  • Forthingham

    Danny Fountain is leaking?

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Foth, you got it, Darcy didn’t…


  • Darcy McGee

    Oh no, I got it….it just struck me as childish and silly.

    If you’re going to accuse someone of wrongdoing, why not just accuse someone of wrongdoing?

    I never did like Hurford, or most of Sam Sullivan’s “people.”

  • threeyears

    You must appreciate that The Angry Tsunami’s drive-by smears are part of the entertainment at Fabula’s website. It would be a shame if she had to also be taken to court because of his libelous remarks.

    For the record, Danny left city hall last summer, months before the crime took place. But one supposes facts needn’t get in the way of a good personal attack, eh?

    The Angry Tsunami’s comments are worth precisely what we pay for a copy of 24hrs. Now back to you regularly scheduled cheap shots.

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Three years…

    Please explain why you have to hide? Where are my questions defamatory? They are questions. Answer them. Daniel was gone in August but was still in contact and remains in contact with Sam.

    Hurford was still there. I am not suggesting they did anything wrong (or right). Just simple questions.

    Maybe if you weren’t so busy writing bad copy for, you wouldn’t have to worry about what entertainment I provide or not.

    Cheap shots? Nothing could be cheaper than trying to intimidate someone’s editor by denying statements that had multiple witnesses or a recorded session attached to them.

    But again, show us where Danny or Super Dave have been libeled?

    I’m waiting.