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Report on Vision Vancouver fundraiser and NPA annual general meeting

October 14th, 2009 · 6 Comments

Just too much going on for me this week, so I didn’t get to the VV fundraiser, but here’s the report from Jonathan Ross at civicscene, detailing the lively goings-on. A quieter, more angst-ridden scene tonight at the NPA annual general meeting, I expect. This report from city caucus sets the stage, although as NPA Sean Bickerton notes, the headline writers on this story erred when they said the NPA president has resigned. Michael Davis has chosen not to stand again as president tonight.

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  • Bill Smolick

    Since Jon-boy worked on Vision campaigns, it seems a bit disingenuous for him to say he “… played the part of a roving blogging journalist for Vision Vancouver’s fundraiser.”

    He’s partisan.

  • Absolutely. Who is disputing that? I certainly am not.

  • Reed

    Thanks for the Ross report, adds further evidence of the convergence of the ‘mainstream’ parties, all of them bunched a 1/2 degree on either side of dead centre. Where is the opposition, on either the right or the left? The difference between Ladner/Robertson, Vision/NPA, Ignatieff/Harper, Campbell/James is not worth the trip to the polling booth to weigh in on. Most pathetic though are the liberals (small ‘l’) who park their powers of criticism once one of their own gets elected. As Ross points out, Robertson is instituting policies amendable to the NPA. Meanwhile the ‘liberals'(here known as NDP), sit on their hands, or worse fall over themselves gushing over the guy.

  • FBT

    Listen all you want to Ross and the rest of the Kool-aid drinkers, Vision is crumbling and will be lucky to hold on in 2011.

    To suggest that this bunch of loons is 1/2 degree from dead center is ridiculous. Dead center is no where near the left-wing lunacy Gregor and his buddies are implementing.

    The ONLY people suggesting these fools are centerists are the ones trying to convince the center swing vote to stay on board.

    As I’ve said in the past if Ross, Reed and the rest of these b*llsh*t artists want to continue treating the Vancouver voter like they are stupid, they’ll be out on their collective asses in the next election.

    They fooled about 20,00 people in 2008 claiming to be moderate. That jig is up and they’ve shown themselves for who they are. Obamamania is dead, the change at VCH has been negative not positive and they’ve got no where to hide.

    Should they try and play the moderate ‘center’ card in 2011, they’ll be seen as filthy liars. The NPA could run a german shepard in 2011 and win if this continues. And no that wasn’t an Anton slam, the dog would beat her too.

  • I attended the event as a volunteer, and while I was hardly a roving blogger (I barely moved from my seat), there were a few things that I thought Jonathan Ross missed in his post.

    FBT’s criticisms are typical, I think, when someone on the centre-left takes power. The left complain that they have swung too far to the right, the right complain that they’re a lefty wingnut (because of homeless shelters and a bike lane, in Gregor’s case?).

  • FBT


    I would suggest you Vision types stop using the George W., “you’re with us, or against us” bullshit.

    In the 2008 election I voted for 1/2 of your slate because I was anticipating them to be far more moderate than they have proven themselves to be.

    The list of left-wing crap isn’t limited to the bike lane and heat shelters. Add to that the arrogance and a style of management that resembles Gordon Campbell and the complaints are far from “typical”.

    As I said in my post, if your party continues to treat voters with the contempt you’ve shown to date, and those who have legitimate criticisms as right-wing loons, I promise you, the lot of you wouldn’t beat a dog at the polls in 2011.

    If anyone is being typical its you and your buddy Ross. Just keep chugging along just as you’re doing though and we’ll see what happens in 24 months.