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Reports on secret Olympic-village decisions now up on website

June 19th, 2009 · 5 Comments

The city has just posted four reports related to past decisions on Southeast False Creek and the Olympic village. I wasn’t able to spot much new that hasn’t already been reported at some length. Two of the reports were on Jeff Lee’s blog last fall.

But I welcome comments from those who have a finer eye than mine at spotting interesting contractual agreements or strange clauses.

The reports are at

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  • Rebecca

    Your link doesn’t work. Here is the correct one

  • Anders

    What I find absolutely amazing in reading all these is how involved in the whole fiasco Raymond Louie and the Vision people were. They move motions and vote for them all except for the one they trumpet long and hard. And now to listen to their spin you would have though that they were lily white saints wailing against the whole project because it was so wrong. It makes me sick actually to listen to the spin they try to put on it now including the latest missiles about how incompetent the past NPA council was when I read this and realize that this wasn’t a partisan issue at all. I have less faith in Vision today than I did in the past and I voted for many of them last time. Never again.

  • Joseph Jones

    That is five reports so far, not four. Anders homes in on a main point. For my gleanings see Olympic Village Backroom Dealings.

  • Gassy Jack’s Ghost

    With all due respect to those who seem to have forgotten all about Esther Lo and Judy Rogers, perhaps the real root of why this deal stinks so bad for the NPA can be found in this quote from a Global News report back in November just after the story became public:

    “Millenium is the development arm of the Armeco Group. The NPA council picked Armeco’s Millenium for the massive deal, and Paul Barbeau was the President of the NPA and the President of Armeco Construction Limited in the years prior to the award.”

    Cozy, cozy, cozy!!

    So if you are seriously appalled about “backroom dealings”, perhaps a good place to start would be at the procurement stage — these reports with Rogers’ ever-riskier recommendations and her hushing up of Lo make more sense(or non-sense) in this context. Besides, I kind of doubt that Louie and the other Vision councillors were invited into the NPA backrooms to discuss the finer details of the Millennium bid!

    And, as the “disillusioned” Visionistas may recall, Rogers did not survive the first week of Robertson becoming mayor.

  • Joseph Jones

    I don’t know about any Esther Lo, but I haven’t forgotten Estelle Lo, or Judy Rogers either. I was focusing on what could be extracted from the set of released in camera documents. In any case, GJG, thanks for adding that backstory – another dark stinky corner that deserves all the fresh air and broad daylight it can get.