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Richard Peck appointed to investigate city leaks

December 3rd, 2008 · 5 Comments

This just in from city hall, folks, as leaks continue to sprout at city hall.

(For those who don’t realize the intricacies, the Globe’s Saturday story about chief financial officer Estelle Lo’s severance pay was information that came from, yes, yet another in-camera meeting. I’m beginning to wonder when we’re all just going to get text messages straight from these confidential meetings.)

Anyway, here’s the news release from the city about Mr. Peck’s appointment. Better start stocking up on quarters for the payphones, you leakers.

City of Vancouver News Release
December 3, 2008

City appoints barrister to investigate information leak

The City of Vancouver today appointed Richard Peck, Q.C. to conduct an
independent investigation regarding the leak of confidential information
relating to the Olympic Village in Southeast False Creek.

Council passed a motion calling for the appointment of a barrister
pursuant to sections 176 and 177 of the Vancouver Charter at its final
council meeting November 25, 2008.

In accepting the appointment, Mr. Peck has indicated he will complete
his inquiry in two phases. Phase one will focus on: the adequacy of City
policies and procedures relating to in- camera meetings; the treatment
of sensitive documents, and the use of the confidential information. The
second phase of the inquiry will, if necessary, be a fact-finding
process to determine to a reasonable degree of certainty how and by whom
confidential information was disclosed. The necessity of the second
phase will be decided pending the outcome of the current Vancouver
Police Department investigation.

Mr. Peck is scheduled to present written findings relating to the first
phase of his inquiry to Council by mid-February 2009. At that time, a
decision on whether to proceed with phase two will be made.

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  • George

    This is rich, the outgoing Council who voted on the Millenium loan in secret and pretended not to know that Estelle Lo was against the idea and that she had been “resigned” now want to waste more taxpayer money on discovering who did the public a favor. Who is City Hall supposed to serve anyway? However, David Cadman also wants Estelle Lo scapegoated by having her severance withdrawn. Disgusting.

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Actually, the only member of council who knew Lo was fired was Sam.

    I agree with David, I might have wanted to withhold severance in exchange for some perspective on why it was that the senior most responsible financial officer at City Hall had such reservations about such a “good deal”…

    The leak has become a sidebar, frankly. Peck is an exceptional lawyer and is a good choice, but the real story lies in what Estelle Lo knew, and when, about a file that really was owned by someone else at the Hall.

    I hope before Vision cans Judy rogers, that they get some answers. Her performance his been imperial rather than inspriring.

    Not good.

  • Quite sad (but typical) to read the quotes in the Sun today from Stevenson and Chow that they were”pressured” into voting for the investigation.

    Just what we need, City Councillors with no conviction.

  • Wagamuffin

    Do you think it’s because they think the electorate might be unhappy to find out who purloined the documents?

    Say it ain’t so!

  • Wagamuffin

    One more prediction: Judy Rogers is going nowhere.

    Quid pro quo, and all that…