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Sam Sullivan’s quarterback moves on

January 16th, 2009 · 3 Comments

This just in from the land of former city-hall staffers. David Hurford, who became legendary in this city for his ability to churn out press releases documenting Mayor Sam Sullivan’s every action, has moved on. He’s sent out this email to some:

As of this week I have started as director of community and public relations for the BC Care Providers Association.  They are a well established group that represents a large number of care facilities across BC.

If you start hearing a lot more about seniors in B.C., now you’ll know why.

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  • Hal

    Should we expect Sam, who’s at well-earned loose ends these days, to now embrace BC’s seniors (but only the in-care ones) as his new reason for being?

    Sam’s Six Unique Societies are a bit dated and trite and could certainly use some refreshing
    ( ), but some of these seniors are feisty and might get more coverage than Sam at the photo shoots.

    The BC Care Providers Association’s website seems to display a hunger for funds and a hatred of unhelpful press coverage ( A good place for Hurford to hang his hat?

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Wow…lucky people to get such a professional…

    Bless the hearing aids that can be turned off to avoid having to endure the whining…

  • And if the BCCPA becomes a discredited, irrelevant and destroyed organization, you’ll know why too.