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September round-up in my blog world

October 1st, 2009 · 15 Comments

Okay, folks, I don’t know WHAT is going on out there, but clearly civic politics has become the hot scene in blogworld. My stats for September show that this blog hit the 90,000-views mark for the first time since I started last August. (90,242 to be exact)

And the number of local-politics blogs continues to increase. I note that park-board commissioner/perhaps mayoral candidate Ian Robertson has decided to start a blog as of Sept. 16, though it only has the one opening post on it so far.

At this point, I’d like to acknowledge all the people out there who are blogging on their own civic-politics scenes, helping spur interest in what’s going on locally and creating a sense of community.

Among them:

Langley Township councillor Jordan Bateman at, who has been doing this, I think, longer than any of the rest of us

In North Vancouver,

In Surrey, Paul Hillsdon’s blog,

Stephen Rees’ blog on transportation issues in the Lower Mainland, at

ADDED SUGGESTIONS on New Westminster politics

Stuart Mackinnon’s blog on parks,

I understand there may be a Coquitlam blog starting up soon, and I’d be happy to hear about other blogs I may have missed. I still have entire minutes of my day that are unfilled and it would be great to hear about more blogs I and others should be checking.

One additional note in my September report: Most of the hits on this blog appear to be from people who are regular readers and simply come to the site, as opposed to particular posts. But some people do come in through individual posts that interest them. The top-ranking ones in September, according to the hits count on my webalizer analysis were

1. The city’s legal-department memo on the relationship between city and park board

2. My little “bliss post” written following a string of beautiful sunny days in the city (go figure that one out!)

3. The post on complaints about the Canada Line design

4. The post about the city’s drug-policy chief, Don MacPherson, retiring

5. The post about B.C.’s proposed new law that would give police the power to take homeless people to shelters.

Weird, but there it is.

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  • newwestgal

    “Tenth to the Fraser” is a good New Westminster blog which includes politics.

  • Hey Frances,

    Thanks for all you do. I have been blogging on park and recreation issues in Vancouver for more than 5 years. My latest incarnation can be found at:


  • Bill Lee

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  • Bill Lee
  • flowmass

    It does not surprise me that your blog is so popular. Your prose, your knowledge of housing and planning and civic issues and your non-partisan attitude make it worthwhile to read. Solecistic right-wing screeds are the exception rather than the rule in the comments section, and this is refreshing.
    All politics is local as they say. As a society, we are evolving from (we must evolve) from a system where we were governed by of the local governments were inflenced and financed by safari-suited buffoons, car dealers and millionaires who, when they made their money in times of abundance, attributed it to god and unfettered market forces.
    We’re all in it now.

  • Sam

    Thanks for the link, Francis. We’re big fans of yours over here at Langley Politics Dotcom!

  • Frances Bula

    Oh no, Bill Lee has discovered my secret — I’m selling sex drugs through my blog!!! But I need to support myself somehow, don’t I?

    I know he’s so smart he really knows what the problem is, but for those of you who don’t, WordPress, the blog template I use, was having a terrible time with those invasions of drug-selling words into blogs. At some points, they showed up every time a blog was brought up through a Google search. Security has been enhanced and they seemed to have limited the problem, but I see from Bill’s research that there are lingering traces.

  • Thanks for the plug, Frances! Keep up the great work. It’s nice to read quality civic prose on ye olde Interweb…

  • Hoarse Whisperer

    I was gonna say, Frances, now we know how you’re really powered…

    And ‘flowmass’s’ post aside, I note that last month’s top story was about the Park Board, where ,from little wing-nuts, mighty oaks grow. (Only to then be artificially propped up by a kind of grotesque Rube Goldberg contraption, long after their natural, long-suffering stumps should have peacefully and respectfully been laid to rest. And no, I am not talking about Park politicians, current or passim. Though I could be).

    That story featured “the best of” cranky, fulminating and entertaining posts from both sides of the great political divide. So much scenery chewed! O, the humanity…

    Even the mere thought of it has my tiny heart beating with glee. I would scurry home from my arid work cubicle every night for 3 or 4 nights in a row, remove my fingerless gloves while warming myself by the glow of my Benq monitor. Then, I eagerly clicked on the story to view the latest episode: to see what salvos had been fired, which of the cast of characters had landed the latest rhetorical blow— and to see if any collateral damage had been visited on chicken coops or community gardens.

    And I was never disappointed! Not once!

    I could count on ‘them’ being there, each night: Michael Phillips, Darcy McGee, Chris Keam, a youngish (by his own estimate) Jonathan Ross.

    And, of course, Alex Tsukamis —as ‘The Beaver”.

    It’s a fine thing, this community of Fabula Fans. And I will defend to the death, their right to look goofy in public.

  • Frances Bula


    I just want you to know that I got home tonight from my class, read this post and started laughing so loudly that the cats ran out of the room. If I have achieved nothing else in my life, at least I prompted a post like that.

    Thanks man.

  • +2 Internets for H.W.’s all-in-good-fun skewering and thanx (I think). Now if I could only get some wingnuts to visit my blog, Adsense riches would be mine!



  • Hoarse Whisperer

    🙂 😉 😛

  • Lisa

    I like your blog too. Sadly, analysis (and definitely anything investigative) is harder to find on the page of newspapers, so we drink thirstily where we find it.
    Overall I find people blog less than a few years ago, and a number of politicos and engaged citizen-types use Twitter more as a platform. It would be cool to see your list of local folks with the most value in their tweets, from your perspective.

  • Hi Frances, I enjoy reading your stuff. I’m a long time Kamloops civic blogger :

  • Hey thanks for linking to us Frances – and for the suggestion/correction newwestgal & Bill!