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October 5th, 2009 · 4 Comments

It’s relatively quiet out there for a minute, so for those of you feeling a lack of things to read (and, really, if you’re at this blog site, you’re clearly trolling aimlessly around looking for something/anything to lay your eyeballs on — next you’ll be googling your old flames from high school), here are some fun things I’ve been reading lately.

There was, in this week’s copy of the New Yorker, of course, Susan Orlean’s piece on the phenomenon sweeping the nation: raising chickens. As she writes, “chickens seem to be a perfect convergence of the economic, environmental, gastronomic, and emotional matters of the moment.”  The New Yorker seems to be trying to hold out on giving away content for free, so I’ll provide the link but you’ll only be able to read an abstract here. You’ll have to subscribe or go out and buy it to read the whole story.

There’s this story in the Wall Street Journal about where young people want to move to in the U.S. It’s American cities, but guess what — Seattle and Portland are in the top five. So what do you think that means for Vancouver when it comes to young people? (Though actually, as far as I can tell, they’ve all gone to Montreal and Halifax, which seem to be the cool places these days.)

And finally, a bit late, but here I am posting it at least, a story about the fights over cyclists on the Brooklyn Bridge. Fights between cyclists and cars, you’re probably thinking. Actually, no, fights between cyclists and pedestrians.

Plus on change de ville, plus c’est la meme. Or something like that.

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  • “It’s relatively quiet out there for a minute . . .” Great, Frances, an opportunity to cozy-up and read a good book . . .

    “The Years with Laura Diaz” Carlos Fuentes.

    Read how Laura’s husband met his demise and have a good laugh

  • Darcy McGee

    >So what do you think that means for
    > Vancouver when it comes to young
    > people?

    That they’re willing to tune out, flake out, smoke up and live in the only city I’ve ever known where unemployment is considered a lifestyle choice?

    There’s no jobs here.

  • Bill Lee

    And here I thought that Signora Bula would have us read any of the summer books she bought on her travels such as those at:

  • jack the bear

    I can’t speak for other sidewalks in the city as I am pretty well confined to the Downtown East but am wondering if the prevailing idiocy by cyclists occurs in other parts of the city.
    Men ranging in age from 22-38 burn down the sidewalk with a look on their face that reminds me of the mug I wore at 12 when feeling the freedom of a cycle. Unfortunately these louts ride at full speed down the sidewalk with no regard to pedestrians whatsoever – if they’re such daring dudes they should consider the road along with the cars, don’t you think?