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The latest on Fortress, Millennium and the Olympic village

October 23rd, 2008 · 2 Comments

Not a lot to report except that, like everyone else, the city is watching the news closely to see what happens with Fortress, the lender that is financing Millennium Developments for its construction of the Olympic athletes village. Here’s my story in Thursday’s Globe.

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  • Joe just Joe

    Looks like Fortress was able to find the $1.7Billion for the Intrawest debt payment.

  • Dan-in-the-Forest-with-no-broadband-…W

    I feel bad for those people that stretched themselves to buy homes here during the pre-sale. Pretty soon their mortgages will be bigger than the value of their property’s!

    Just discovered this website off beyondrobson. Very easy to use and comfortably minimalist. Wheres your facebook, technocrati, myspace and digg links?! The website is also void of imbedded video too! Come on Frances!