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The man at the side of Vancouver’s new mayor: Joel Solomon

May 26th, 2009 · 3 Comments

My latest column in Vancouver magazine features Joel Solomon, the man who is having a huge influence on the green-business culture of this city. He’s also one of the mayor’s closest allies and a fascinating blend of entrepreneur, philanthropist and philosopher. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t people in town who are uneasy about him and his circle.

I should note that, since this article went to press, Joel and his group at Renewal have successfully concluded their first round of capital-gathering for the Renewal2 fund that they are building. (News release is here.)

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  • Frothingham

    great article on an important city mover and shaker. Much more so as i had not read much about mr solomon until now…
    PS Go Mr Solomon Go!

  • Reed

    Thanks for posting your article, I look forward to reading it, closely. However, must you denigrate our language by attaching the heroic adjective ‘revolutionary’ to this the most timid of reformists? I read elsewhere that the guy actively supported Dukakis. This guy, along with his NDP co-hort is successfully imposing the blandest of middle of the road capital ‘D’ Democratic Party politics to BC. As usual, you have done a great public service in keeping us informed, and for this I salute you!

  • Joel McKay

    Hi Frances,

    Excellent article, I did a profile on Mr. Solomon a year ago and found him to be one of the more interesting people I’ve interviewed.