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The Non-Partisan wars continue

January 2nd, 2009 · 5 Comments

There’s been a fair amount of opinionating about the recent Non-Partisan Association board meeting, which saw a struggle between two slates for the 11 directors positions that were open. There are posts here and here, giving two quite different perspectives on what actually went on at that meeting.

Not sure how many people will be able to figure this complicated story out, but this is not the kind of internecine warfare that will entice people to get involved with the party. But perhaps the new board, which now has lots of new energy on it, can help get everyone beyond this.

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  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Let me repeat what I have said MANY times…Mike Klassen is a highly partisan fool, who sat on the Planning Commission without one stitch of experience. He received this plum as a result of having his nose so firmly implanted in Sam’s arse, that he now, naturally, considers the crap that took place on Monday last, as rarified air.

    Yet another “operative” with little experience (who drove members of the Jenkinsen camapign team almost into counselling), whose sole credentials come from being able to chew gum and walk–sometimes synchronously.

    Frances, this is the best blog in this city, bar none. There are others: Berner, Gazetteer, BC Mary, of course Tieleman and Holman–but for civic issues, this is the THE blog.

    You do yourself (and your readers) a massive disservice, darling, to even refer to what Daniel and Mike are offering.

    The spin, for example, on the “Dumb and Dumber” blog that Sam was behind this, is bunk. It was Sam’s vindictive, vicious lapdogs that were behind it–period. Anyone who says otherwise, is either daft or dishonest. Sam, in the equation may or may not have said anything–that’s irrelevant. The viciousness is, and that’s what turns people off.

    Let’s move on…

  • Frances, are you turning your site over to Alex, to allow him yet another venue to spew his bile?

    Personally, I’m tired of reading Alex’s vitriolic commentary on the folks behind (and I’m a Vision / COPE supporter, and worked hard to get the current progressive Council, School Board and Park Board slates elected).

    Although I don’t know Daniel Fontaine personally, I’ve know Mike Klassen for more than 15 years. I’ve always found him to be fair-minded, principled and honest. Which is not to say that over the years we have agreed on very many issues (for instance, Klassen’s role in the Knowards campaign), but we’ve always remained respectful of one another.

    As it happens, I believe that CityCaucus has reported what has needed to be written and reported on Vancouver’s civic scene over the course of the past month, particularly their reportage on Snowmaggedon. is hardly at fault for the Vision Council not getting ‘in front’ of the “once in forty year” snow event, and taking a leadership role in keeping the public apprised of their efforts on behalf of Vancouverites to keep the city moving. CityCaucus reported on what they saw as administrative malfeasance on the part of the incoming Vision-dominated City Council, in respect of Snowmaggedon.

    More power to them. If Vision doesn’t begin to create their own narrative, and set out to define themselves as a civic party / administration (something they have to do on a consistent basis) then they’ve got everything coming to them that will throw at them over the next three years.

    Maybe’s reportage doesn’t please the likes of Alex Tsakumis, the NDP or Vision / COPE supporters — but that doesn’t mean, perforce, that is necessarily wrong on the issues.

  • Listen Close

    The idea that Vision/the city isn’t on top of the snow is a total myth being perpetuated by citycaucus. Murray Whiteman and Raymond Louie have been on CKNW every day for the past 10 days. I’ve seen one or the other on every news station since boxing day.

    As far as a narrative goes, I think it’s pretty clear. HEAT was started on the first day after being sworn in, and a new city manager on day 5. New team, new direction – this snow stuff is just a diversion from issues that the NPA can never hope to win on.

  • A. G. Tsakumis

    Van Ramblings:

    Yawn…your world just continues to get smaller…

    I will retreat to my cave to spare you the indignity of having to read the truth about your friend.

  • fbula

    I won’t get too embroiled in the back and forth here, but will just state again, for the record, that my aim with this little piece of the blog world is to keep it as open as possible. That means people who want to comment prolifically are allowed to do so, unless they are getting way too personal, and I will always link to sites — no matter how one-sided they may appear to some — that give people a sense of the debate and points of view on the issues of the day.

    My concern about the evolution of contemporary media into 19th-century-style partisan blogs and publications is that it is ghettoizing people into little self-reinforcing groups of the like-minded, who become less and less able to understand or even listen to a different point of view. I remain a believer in hearing all sides.